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Who Was Weston A. Price And Why Does He Matter Today

Weston A. Price lived from 1870 to 1948. He was a dentist mostly known for his ideas and hypothesis on the connection between nutrition and health. He founded the National Dental Association, which later became the research arm of the American Dental Association. In 1939, Weston A. Price published the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, the subject of which was his global travels studying the diets and nutrition of many different cultures. The essential conclusion of the book is that aspects of the traditional modern Western Diet, particularly flour, sugar, and modern processed vegetable fats, cause nutritional deficiencies that are a cause of many dental issues and health problems.

So, Dr. Weston A. Price the dentist was also a researcher who traveled the world to find the healthiest people on the planet so that he could study what they were eating. Now, the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the knowledge of what a healthy human diet really looks like through education, research, and activism.


Dr. Price studied the healthy inhabitants of Canada, Florida, Islanders in the South Seas, Australian Aborigines, Maoris in New Zealand, Peruvian and Amazonian indigenous people, Eskimos, and African tribesmen. He observed that the people of these regions all had certain dietary foods in common, such as:

– Bone Broth

– Pasture-Fed Livestock and Traditional Fats

– Nutrient Dense Foods, especially Vitamins A and D

– Some Salt, including Sea Salt – Lacto-Fermentation of Seeds, Grain, and Legumes

– NO Refined Roods, such as White Flour or White Sugar

About Whole, Raw, Grass-Fed Dairy & More

Dr. Weston A. Price theorized that the foods that helped keep all these different people from different regions healthy were whole natural foods, such as meat complete with fat, organ meats, fish, insects, whole raw milk products, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. They did not consume anything made with white sugar, refined flour, or rancid vegetable oils. Dr. Price believed there were sacred foods that were collected and prepared to ensure strong minds, bodies, and spirits and in every one of the healthy groups there was a common nutrient in their diets that acted as an activator for the other nutrients. He called this nutrient Factor X and it is found in fish eggs, shellfish, and butter from cows grazing on rapidly growing green grass in spring and fall.

Weston Price’s research also led him to believe that high-vitamin butter oil was almost magical, especially when combined with cod liver oil. Dr. Price used this combination of high vitamin butter and cod liver oil to treat conditions such as osteoporosis, tooth decay, arthritis and rickets.

This combination of Factor X in High Vitamin Butter oil combined with fermented cod liver oil was the pinnacle of Dr. Price’s work.

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One of Dr. Weston A. Price’s strongest ideas is the use of high vitamin Spring and Fall butter oil, which is produced by cows grazing exclusively on rapidly growing green grass. He dubbed this healthy oil the X-Factor because it contains a nutrient, which he entitled Activator X. Dr. Price believed that its health benefits were magical when combined with fermented cod liver oil.



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Introduction to Traditional Eating

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