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Smart Technology Moves to Shirts

Watches that reveal heart rates have been around for many years. Bracelets and small GPS devices that give health data have established a presence in the market place. Now a new technology for delivering biometric data is set to hit store shelves. Montreal based company OMSignal has developed technology to produce shirts that will link with an app to tell wearers data such as their heart rate, breathing rate, workout intensity, calories burned, physiological stress, and much more.

OMSignal has paired with fashion mogul Ralph Lauren to release the shirts in the United States. The technologically advanced shirts come with special modules and conductive silver threads. The shirts debuted at the U.S. Open on the ball boys on August 25, 2014.

Wearers immediately receive the data on their phones through a Bluetooth connection and can then use that information to improve their workouts and athletic performance. OMSignal co-founder Stephane Marceau says that beyond increased knowledge gained by seeing data on things like physical fitness levels, the data can also give people increased motivation to reach the next level of fitness. She equates knowing the biometric information as being similar to knowing the speed or RPM in your car.

Shirts with the module will retail for an introductory price of 199 dollars, and additional compatible shirts will be 100 dollars. The accompanying app is available for free. Shirts are machine washable.

Initially the technology will only be available on men’s shirts, but OMSignal has plans to expand the line to all sorts of athletic wear for all people, from head to toe. Four different styles are available with this initial release. Additionally, Ralph Lauren may include the technology in some of its dress wear.

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