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Order Slim Down Trio w/ GHC OxyPowder Cleanse

Introducing the New Perfect Supplements…

The ‘Slim Down Trio’ from Perfect Supplements includes…

GHC OxyPowder is a 100% natural oxygen-based colon cleanser.

Perfect Green Coffee is a 100% pure, high-potency green coffee bean extract supplement with a lab-verified chlorogenic acid level of 50%, making it among the most potent green coffee products available. Perfect Green Coffee is made in the USA.
Click here for details about Perfect Green Coffee

Perfect Green Coffee ingredients label


Perfect African Mango is a 100% natural nutritional supplement made the seed of authentic African mangoes. Perfect African Mango is one of the few available African mango supplements available containing pure 100% patented extract IGOB131.
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Perfect African Mango Product Ingredients Label


Why Oxy-Powder® Is A Better Choice than other Colon Cleansing products?

Oxy-Powder  does not contain harmful herbs that can damage the delicate intestinal lining and it is backed with a 100% satisfaction – money back guarantee.

GHC OxyPowder Ingredients Label

Click below for pricing or to purchase the…
Slim Down Trio

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Quality Guaranteed


100% Money Back Guarantee


  1. How can I order online and ship to Jeddah Saudi Arabia? And how much is the cost?

    • Yes, we ship the ‘Slim Down Trio’ to Saudi Arabia. Just go here http://www.healthfoodpost.com/slim-down-trio/ and then…

      Click on “Buy Now” Button to get to the “Perfect Supplements” order page.
      There you can find prices for everything, and you will see the shipping costs prior to finalizing your order.

      Remember, you can get quantity discounts available of 25% to 35% when buying multiple packs of the Slim Down Trio package, or multiples of any specific bottle. For instance, you could buy 2 Slim Down Combos and 4 extra bottles of Perfect Green Coffee and that would qualify for discount of 30%. You will see the discount pricing possibilities when you are in the Order Section. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com

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