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Review: Righteously Raw 80% Cacao Bar (with Acai)

Made by Earthsource Organics, San Diego, CA

Righteously Raw 80% Cacao Bar (with Acai)

The problem with most chocolate products is that they contain sugar. Usually, lots of sugar. It’s maddening, and kind of sad too, to wander through Whole Foods or other health food stores and notice that so many products contain “organic sugar” of various types. To many of us who seek to avoid sugar, we see sugar as poison and think the label might as well say “organic poison.” You get the idea.

There is mounting evidence that those sugars which cause blood sugar levels to spike (most sugars) potentially cause a multitude of health problems. So, chocolate lovers are in a quandary. Chocolate is healthy, but sugar is not. Chocolate is delicious, but what about the sugar? What is a chocolate lover to do?

The solution to this dilemma is to make chocolate made with a low-glycemic sugar. Many folks use agave nectar as a replacement for sugar and others like coconut sugar. We prefer coconut sugar for a number of reasons including the fact that you can easily bake with it unlike agave nectar, which burns easily, but more on that in a later post. Anyway, the folks at EarthSource Organics have solved the problem.

And that brings us to an excellent product we recently discovered called “Righteously Raw” products made by EarthSource Organics in San Diego. The product we tried is 80% raw cacao covering organic freeze-dried acai berry powder and is called Righteously Raw 80% Cacao Bar – Acai.

And, here’s the kicker. It is made with coconut sugar and agave nectar!
This guilt-free healthy chocolate bar is delicious!

Ingredients include:

Organic cacao butter
Organic cacao powder
Organic freeze-dried acai berry
Organic coconut palm sugar
Organic agave nectar
Organic coconut oil
Organic vanilla bean
Himalayan pink salt

Note: When we get around to trying there other products we’ll review them too, so stop back.

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