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Videos: Understanding Ingredients Labels


Reading and Understanding Nutritional Supplement Ingredients Labels

Reading and understanding ingredients labels on nutritional supplements is always confusing. Often, it is intentionally confusing. For instance, the words ‘proprietary blend’ is simply another way of saying the company does not want you to know what is really in the product. But the only way to really know what is in a supplement is to know how to read and interpret the label. We think the videos below will help in that regard.

Often ingredients labels are intended to deceive or mislead. Take a walk through a Whole Foods store some time and notice how so many of the products are sweetened with ‘organic sugar.’ Well, what is so good about that? If you are of the opinion that sugar is poison, is it of any benefit to be ingesting organic sugar, or organic poison? Or, maybe the product is sweetened with fructose. Fructose is sugar from fruit, but is it any better than sugar from beets, or sugar cane? As far as the glycemic load and your bloodstream is concerned, the answer is no… it is no different. Again, the intention is to mislead. The intention in both these examples is to imply one is healthier than the other, when for the most part, that is not the case at all.

But back to the main subject at hand, which is nutritional supplement labels.

The videos below are primarily about ingredients labels for resveratrol supplements. Most nutritional supplement labels are difficult to understand, but resveratrol supplement labels are much more difficult than most. Watch the videos and you will see why. Maybe later we will add videos discussing ingredients labels for other type supplements. And, even later maybe we will do some for food products.

But in the meantime, if you are shopping for resveratrol supplements, we know these short videos will give you the basic knowledge needed to make an informed resveratrol purchase.

PART 1 – How to Read and Understand Resveratrol Ingredients Labels





PART 2 – How to Read and Understand Resveratrol Ingredients Labels





PART 3 – How to Read and Understand Resveratrol Ingredients Labels





PART 4 – How to Read and Understand Resveratrol Ingredients Labels





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