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Videos: Experts Discuss Benefits

Watch Experts Discuss The Potential Health Benefits of Resveratrol

The videos below are from resveratrol researchers and other experts. Since many were recorded some time ago, please view them for background informational purposes only with the understanding that research is evolving and changing. That said, the videos provide good background as to what attracted the interest of the researchers in the first place. So, view them with the understanding that resveratrol research is continuing, evolving and changing. The research continues today…

Here is Joseph Maroon MD, the author of “The Longevity Factor” and Team Neurosurgeon for NFL Football’s Pittsburgh Steelers since 1977 discussing disease, anti-aging, and resveratrol.

Barbara Walters interviews researcher Dr. David Sinclair about aging and resveratrol from April 1, 2008.

This story on resveratrol was on the CBS TV Show 60 Minutes on January 25, 2009.

The earlier 60 Minutes show on resveratrol and the so-called French Paradox is from November 17, 1991

Dr. David Sinclair Discusses Aging at TedMed, 2009

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