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Reducing Toxins and Their Impact in Your Home

Study after study reveals the risks that various toxins found within the walls of the home can have on health. Cancers, lung problems, allergies, and more have all been linked with the exposure to toxins people face each day. While it is not possible to completely remove the presence of toxins in people’s lives, it is possible to reduce exposure and impact with a few simple steps.

  1. Switch to Green Cleaners. Strong chemicals can do an effective job getting the dirt off counters and shower stalls, but those same chemicals are also breathed in and possibly consumed from the residue they leave behind. Thankfully, more environmentally friendly cleansers are available on the market today than ever before. Or, if consumers prefer it is easy to make an all purpose cleaner at home by mixing equal parts water and white vinegar. Whatever the choice is, ridding the home of harsh cleansers is a simple and quick way to remove many poisons from the home.
  2. Choose Organic Whenever Possible. Organic foods can be more expensive than their traditional counter parts, but the impact of consuming pesticides and chemicals on food can also be costly in terms of health and well-being. To save money on the grocery bill, focus organic dollars on some of the foods with the highest chemical load, like those on the Environmental Watch Group’s (EWG) “Dirty Dozen” list, which tells consumers what produce has the highest levels of pesticides. The EWG’s list of the “Clean 15” tells consumers what produce has the least amount of pesticides and can therefore be saved on by purchasing conventional versions.
  3. Protect with Antioxidants. Environmental toxins are one factor that leads to the presence of damaging free radicals in the body, but antioxidants can help to neutralize their harmful effects. In addition to eating a produce filled diet, consumers may want to consider adding an antioxidant rich supplement such as a multi-vitamin to give the body additional tools to fight against some of the unavoidable toxins and the resulting free radicals that are encountered in daily life.

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