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Pressed for Time? Reap the Benefits of an Interval Workout

These days it seems as everyone is constantly crunched for time. Yet, the fast paced hustle of today’s world does not diminish the need for a regular exercise program for good health. Research in exercise physiology shows that interval workouts just may be the solution the busy person needs to stop making excuses for not exercising.

What is Interval Training?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) involves, as the name suggest, intense bursts of activity alternated with periods of decreased activity or rest. For example, alternating a couple of minutes of sprinting with a minute or two of walking to recover would be a HIIT workout, but what is done in those intervals can vary widely depending on goals and personal preference.

Why Interval Training?

HIIT offers significant benefits over traditional cardio workouts, and in half the time or less than a traditional cardio workout.

Flexible and Adaptable

HIIT can be adapted to meet exercisers wherever they are, both in terms of physical fitness and physical location. What would cause one person’s heart to race, may be a recovery person for another. The important part is getting the heart rate to accelerate for periods during the workout. Additionally, a HIIT workout can be completed almost anywhere with little to no equipment required. For someone who travels extensively or has a limited budget for extras like gym memberships, this can be perfect.

Metabolism Booster

Studies have shown that not only do people burn more calories during a HIIT workout; their metabolisms continue to run at an accelerated rate for up to 24-hours after the workout.

Heart Helper

Working out at a high intensity makes the heart work harder and thus be in better health, than a traditional slow and steady cardio workout. More than any other muscle in the body, it is critical for the heart to be in top shape.

With all of these benefits, in a shorter period of time, a HIIT is worth trying for almost anyone

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