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Practical Ways to Go Greener

As yet another news story comes out warning of the health dangers from plastics or the pesticides on the food we eat, more and more people are looking for ways to go greener in their homes. The thought of the work and expenses of changing so many things is understandably daunting to the average person. Savvy, health-conscious consumers are learning practical and affordable ways to reduce the chemical loads in their homes.

Make Gradual Replacements. Rather than tossing questionable item, people who are concerned about chemical exposure are prioritizing items to replace. For example, scientific research has shown risks of Teflon coatings on cookware to health. Replacing a pot or a pan at a time is an attainable step for most consumers.

Shop Local. The idea of going organic is appealing; especially in light of the effects doctors and dieticians warn of with traditional pesticides. However, organic options are often expensive. One way to reduce the amount of chemicals on foods and save money is by shopping at local farmers’ markets. By talking to the farmers at these stands, shoppers will often learn that the local produce is grown organically, even if the farmer has not gone through full certification to officially be labeled organic. As an added benefit, more nutrients remain in local foods since they have not had to travel days across the country (or world) to get to store shelves.

Take Advantage of the Internet. The ease of access to information today can be a major asset in going greener. Interested people can easily find out information on manufacturing practices, products’ origins, and the safety of ingredients in various products with only a click. The Environmental Working Group compiles information consumers can easily access, or people can go directly to a product’s website to find out information or ask questions.

Small changes can lead to significant improvements. People do not have to make changes all at once, but rather should prioritize the areas they would most like to improve and make one small change at a time.

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