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Making Sense of It All: Health Recommendations All the Experts Can Agree On

It seems as though every time you turn on the television or open a magazine another expert is telling you the secrets of optimal health. The trouble is none of these recommendations is the same. In fact, they are often contradictory. While the reason for different health recommendations is born out of meeting diverse individual needs, it seems there must be some common recommendations we could all benefit from following. We’ve stripped away the extras to give you some basic recommendations any health care expert can endorse.

  1. Cut the Processed Food. Any dialectician truly concerned about the health of his or her clients will encourage those clients to remove as much processed foods as possible. Generally speaking, processed foods are high in sugar, chemical additives, and refined carbohydrates.All of these are ingredients that not only contribute to weight gain, but also are negative factors for overall health.
  2. Nutrients Matter. As soon as you finish reading an article about the importance of whole grains, you turn the page to see an article about the joy of going gluten free. One television host will warn you of the dangers dairy while another will warn you of its inflammatory properties. Whatever foods you include or exclude in your diet, look for foods packed with antioxidants, fiber, protein, and healthy fats to make up a balanced diet. If you are removing one food group for health reasons, be certain to pick up those key nutrients through other food choices.
  3. Exercise Matters. Whatever dietary choices you make, it is important to include exercise as part of your regime for optimal health. Whether you prefer a brisk walk around the neighborhood, circuit training, or anything in between, exercise has numerous beneficial results for both your short term and long term healthcare goals.

As you sift through different health recommendations to find the ones that are right for you, keep these three cornerstones in mind for optimal health and you will be well on the road to better health.

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