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Increased Blood Sugar Linked To Cancer in Women

As we have discussed elsewhere on The Health Food Post website, many highly regarded experts and science writers have increasingly cautioned about the health risks associated with sugar and other fast digesting carbohydrates. Now, the results of a new study have been announced. This study involved almost 65,000 people and has linked cancer with abnormally high blood sugar levels.

Increased Blood Sugar Linked to Cancer in Women

According to Dr. Par Stattin from Umea University Medical Center, located in Sweden, and reported in Reuters News… the results “have obvious implications for lifestyle guidance, as it is well known what factors cause blood glucose increases.”

Dr. Par Stattin from Umea University Medical Center, Sweden noted in comments to Reuters Health that by avoiding excessive fat and other dietary risk factors, and by getting regular exercise, “you can decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes – and cancer.” Dr. Stattin and his colleagues also state in the Journal Diabetes Care” that… ”Type 2 diabetes is associated with an increased risk of liver, pancreas, colon cancer, as well as other cancers” and adds that less is known about the effect on cancer risk associated with only “moderately” elevated blood sugar levels, among non-diabetic subjects.

The study demonstrated that in women, the total cancer risk increased with rising blood sugar levels and the risk of cancer was 26 percent higher for women with the highest fasting blood sugar compared with women with the lowest fasting blood sugar. The study also indicated no significant association between total cancer risk and blood sugar measurements in men.

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