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How Your Smart Phone Make You Healthier

These days it seems as though smart phones can do just about anything. From entertainment to productivity, people can find apps to fit almost anything they need. But, can your phone actually help you to live a healthier lifestyle? Consider downloading apps in the following categories to jumpstart your health goals.

Food Journal: It is all too easy to grab a handful of candy here or a few bites of potato chips there without even realizing. By logging nutritional intake, people can notice unhealthy choices they may be making more than they realize, like too many processed foods, and nutritional gaps, like too few leafy greens.

Workout Program. Whether you prefer the gym, running, or anything else, there is likely an app you can put on your phone that will tell you each move to make. Oftentimes people cite a lack of knowledge about how to exercise as a reason for remaining inactive. Let instructions and commands on your phone each you through each step with pictures and narration.

Pedometer. Sometimes something as simple as counting steps can motivate people to move more. Experts recommend walking 10,000 steps or more per day to be active. Rather than adding extra hardware with a separate pedometer, install a motion tracking app on your phone and start moving.

Accountability. By linking you up through social networks or even having you put money on the line, accountability apps give you external motivation to stay fit. Typically, you make a pledge regarding what you will eat or how frequently you will exercise and the app holds you responsible to that goal.

All of these apps are simple and have versions that can be downloaded for free. The ideas behind them are nothing revolutionary, but what the having them on a smart phone makes it extremely convenient for people to utilize. If you are looking to become more active or just need a little kick start, explore these categories to find the right apps to help you.

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