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What Are Green Coffee Beans?

growing green coffee beans

Green coffee beans are the green seeds inside coffee berries. The coffee berries actually look very much like cherries. So, green coffee beans come from these red coffee berries, which in turn come from the coffee tree plant.

Where Are Green Coffee Beans Grown?

Brazil is the world leader in green coffee production, followed by Vietnam, Indonesia and Columbia. Arabica coffee beans are grown in Latin America, Africa, Arabia and Asia. Robusta coffee beans are grown in Africa. Coffee cultivation takes place largely in and around the area of the equator. Coffee is cultivated in over 70 countries, beginning in Ethiopia in the 15th century.

How Green Coffee Beans Are Harvested

The coffee beans are usually picked by hand, but sometimes by machine. The redder and riper the coffee berry, the better the taste so the red and ripe coffee berries are set aside for the higher quality coffees. Once the berries are picked, the seeds are removed. Dry processing involves using the heat of the sun to dry the fruit at which point the seed can be easily removed. After the drying process, the coffee beans are completely cleaned of fruit residue and then, in most cases, prepared for roasting. But, green coffee extract is derived from coffee beans that have not yet gone to the roasting process.

Wet processing is a different process, which produces a milder coffee and is much less environmentally friendly. Wet processing uses large amounts of water, which in turn produces a large amount of wastewater.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Research

green coffee beans


There has been a fair amount of research over the past few years on chlorogenic acid. Green coffee beans are the most abundant plant source of chlorogenic acid. A recent study indicated chlorogenic acid may help improve retinal health. Other studies have indicated that chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans has an effect on blood sugar. Much of the research on chlorogenic acid has been in the form of small pilot studies, many of which have not been subject to peer review. The takeaway is that the research is young and more needs to be done. Additionally, a number of research studies have indicated a number of potential healthy benefits of traditional roasted coffee.


The interest into the potential health benefits of green coffee is a recent phenomenon.


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