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Green Coffee Bean Extract Dosage


Recommended Green Coffee Bean Extract Dosage:

According to Perfect Supplements, manufacturer of ‘Perfect Green Coffee’…

The manufacturer recommended dosage of the product ‘Perfect Green Coffee’ bean extract is one (1) capsule taken three times per day. The label states the supplement should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each capsule contains 400 mg. Do not exceed four (4) capsules (1600 mg) per day.

Perfect Green Coffee contains only trace amounts of caffeine. One capsule of Perfect Green Coffee contains approximately 8 mg of caffeine. To put this in perspective, a typical cup of regular coffee contains, on average, 150 mg of caffeine. Some roasted coffees contain as much as 400 mg of caffeine per cup. So, the amount of caffeine in Perfect Green Coffee should not affect most people unless they are very sensitive to minimal amounts of caffeine.

Perfect Green Coffee contains a lab-verified 50% level of chlorogenic acid. There are no additional ingredients or fillers of any kind in Perfect Green Coffee making Perfect Green Coffee a 100% Pure green coffee bean extract product. To view the ingredients label, please click here.

The absolute proper green coffee dosage is not known, since the research is very limited and often not peer-reviewed. These dosage guidelines are determined by the manufacturer, Perfect Supplements. In his 2012 TV season premier, Dr. Oz suggested that people take 400 mg three times daily. He suggested taking 400 mg about 30 minutes before each meal, which totals 1200 mg per day. The Perfect Green Coffee product dosage guidelines are consistent with that recommendation.

These general guidelines are for informational purposes only.

Always check with your doctor, or other licensed physician, before staring any supplementation program including green coffee bean extract supplements with chlorogenic acid.

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  1. i want to help my mum she as this high blood pressure..

    • Be sure to consult a doctor before beginning any supplementation program, especially for people with medical conditions.

  2. Chelsea says:

    You didn’t listen to the program properly, Dr. Oz recommended taking two 400mg capsules TWICE a day, not three times a day, so that equals 1600mg per day. Check out the YouTube copy of the show.

  3. Jessica says:

    Why must it be taken 30 minutes prior to the meals? Is it because it ‘works’ on the food you’re about to consume? And it won’t work if you take it at same time as the meal?

  4. Hi! I have looked for awhile on different web pages about Green Coffee and I must say that yours seames to be most trustworthy. And I am thinking about placing an order. I wonder about if it has any side effects if I drink for example brewed coffee or instant coffee lets say 3-4 times /day together with the Perfect green coffe? – that is how much I usually drink per day. Do you ship to Sweden? How long does it take?

    • Hello Benni,
      Shipping to Sweden should be fine as long as Sweden appears on the drop down list of countries when placing your order. Just go to this page http://www.healthfoodpost.com/green-coffee-extract/buy-green-coffee-extract/ and click on the image of the bottle of Perfect Green Coffee, or click on the blue ‘Buy Now’ button to get to the order page (You will see the name Perfect Supplements on the order page). Delivery time varies according to postal services in your country, but we send everything First Class International (let us know how long it takes to get to you). As to your question of side effects while also drinking coffee, this should not be a problem. Perfect Green Coffee, by the way, has only minimal caffeine. Personally, I usually drink about 3 cups of regular coffee per day and also take Perfect Green Coffee everyday and have never had any negative side effects of any kind. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com from Sweden!

  5. Jessica says:

    Hello, and thanks for the reply!
    Ok, so does it make sense to take it before breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
    I usually only have something very small for breakfast– a banana, or something like that.
    Also, does it matter if I snack? In the afternoon, I’ll often have some other fruit as well.


    • As per the instructions from Perfect Supplements for Perfect Green Coffee (and the recommendation by Dr. Oz) take 1 capsule 30 minutes before each meal, even if the meal is only a banana. The Perfect Green Coffee bottle instructions say you can take up to 4 capsules per day, so if you can take a 4th capsule before an afternoon snack.

  6. Will it still work if it’s taken with food or just before eating? My bottle doesn’t sat anything about waiting 30 minutes and i forgot to take it before my lunch today so i took one with it. My bottle says to take 6 a day. I’ve taken three so far and it’s day 1.

    • I don’t know which product you are taking or what is in the product, so it is hard to answer. But, for our favorite product…Perfect Green Coffee…it is recommended to take 3 per day (maximum 4 per day) taken 30 minutes prior to meals. Perfect Green Coffee is (1) 100% Pure (2) has 50% Chlorogenic acid (3) is lab-verified for purity and chlorogenic acid level (4) is Made in the USA (5) has 90 capsules per bottle (6) and Perfect Green Coffee is a great value — Buying 3 bottles gets a 25% discount bringing the price down to $18.72 per bottle. When buying 6 bottles you get a 30% discount…that’s $17.47 per bottle. Buying 12 bottles gets a 35% discount…that’s $16.22 per bottle. It doesn’t get much better (or more “Perfect”) than that! Thanks for writing. To order Perfect Green Coffee by phone call 1-732-249-9008.

  7. i want to buy but have no credit card,how do i purchase by cash? to which account

    • Hi Winnie,
      You can pay by check or money order. Just indicate payment type on the order page and follow the instructions.

  8. I only eat breakfast and dinner… how can i manage to take this 3 times a day?

    • Hi Donna,
      You can either (1) take only 2 per day,or (2) take 3 per day even though one would not be before a meal.

  9. Can i take 3 800mg of green coffee bean extract or is the max 1600 mg a day?

    • The recommended dosage for Perfect Green Coffee is 1 capsule 3 times per day up to a maximum of 4 capsules per day. Each capsule is 400 mg. See here http://www.healthfoodpost.com/green-coffee-extract/green-coffee-bean-dosage/ Perfect Green Coffee has 50% chlorogenic acid. This is for “Perfect Green Coffee, our preferred brand for quality, potency and value. Can’t comment on other brands since ingredients and potency varies from brand to brand, but 800 mg in one capsule does not seem like the best way to take green coffee because you want to take one capsule before each meal and with 800 mg per capsule, that would be too much.

  10. Hello, I’ve been taking green coffee as recommended for about three weeks now. The results so far have been great. I would like to know if there’s a recommended long- term regime. Can i take green coffee indefinitely, is there a recommended period to stop taking it, does the body build a tolerance to it? Hope you can shed some some light on long-term practices as very little info exists online at present. Many thanks

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing about long term usage..
      I noticed your post was from a couple years ago,
      Did you happen to find out?


  11. Okay thanks…crazy thing is I’ve been taking it for little over 2 weeks i lost 2 lbs after almost a week..Yesterday i did a work out and regular 2 pills before breakfast and dinner, the next morning I weighed myself and it shows I lost 4 lbs over night!! I couldn’t believe it!! How is that possible?

  12. Hi I read somewhere to take something with the gcb but I can’t remember what it was. Do you know .



    • Hi Marc,
      Tea, coffee, and coffee products are considered diuretics which can cause you to urinate more frequently, which in turn could lead to mineral loss. So, some recommend supplementing with spirulina. An excellent spirulina product is Perfect Spirulina, as it is a perfect whole food choice for mineral supplementation. If you go here http://www.healthfoodpost.com/green-coffee-extract/buy-green-coffee-extract/ and click through to the Perfect Supplements order page…look at the left side of the page for Perfect Spirulina and follow the links. You will find lots of data about this exceptional product. And, this or any other Perfect Supplements products can be combined for quantity discounts of 25% to 35%.

  13. Hi im currently taking green coffee bean the ones i have a extra strenght – 1000mg 40:1 should i be taking two of these one before breakfast and one before lunch?


    • Hi Jaynie,
      We’ve never heard of a green coffee supplement that is 1000 mg and am not clear what 40:1 means. So not knowing what you are actually taking and not knowing what ingredients are contained in the supplement it is not possible to render an opinion. But in general, the conventional wisdom from experts is that the appropriate green coffee dose is 400 mg taken 3 to 4 times per day. That assumes a chlorogenic acid level of 42% to 50%, which is what most experts agree is the appropriate level of chlorogenic acid. It is the chlorogenic acid that the important component in green coffee beans. The product Perfect Green Coffee conforms to these criteria perfectly. See the ingredients label here http://www.healthfoodpost.com/green-coffee-extract/buy-green-coffee-extract/ Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com.

  14. I was told to take garcinia cambogia with the with the green coffee bean. Do you know how I should take that?

    • Don’t have an answer for that. But, follow the dosage instructions on the bottle of Perfect Green Coffee. We are not aware of any data about taking both or possible interactions between the two substances, so we don’t have suggestions regarding taking a garcinia cambogia product at the same time.

  15. Hi I just ordered PGCB from (name removed) and it came in a brown bottle of 60ea 800mg capsules and it clearly says 2 capsules twice per day thus translating to 4ea (800mg) per day which as per your instructions is an over dose. Anyway I am glad to have read this because I only started yesterday but now I will place an order with you because this site looks genuine. Will give you my feedback when I receive the “original’ products. Wish me luck with my “fake” ones lol

  16. Can I drink coffee while taking this product?

  17. Rachel Al. says:

    Hi iv been taking right way nutrition pure green coffee bean for about a week now , I take 3 pills a day before my meals but I’m not big on eating so do I still take 3 pills a day and is it OK of I eat between my meals thank u

  18. At breakfast and lunch I omly have a protien drink, no food, should I still take it? I do eat a nornal meal at night. Thanks

  19. Hi. I have pills that say 7000mg (7g) green coffee bean extract which is equivalent to chlorogenic acids 180mg.
    Taking 2 pills per day. That’s all it says. Is this ok with this amount? Or equivalent to what should be??
    The brand is Healthy Care Australia.

    • Hi Alicia,
      We are not familiar with that brand and don’t know what other ingredients are in their capsules, or, for that matter,the purity of the ingredients that company uses. Therefore it would inappropriate for us to give an opinion.

  20. hi, I bought a bottle of green bean coffee pills at Costco recommended to me by a friend, on the back it says to take 2 pills a day. but they’re each 800 mg. when should I take them? & are they safe to take with other medication? such as amitryptyline or migraine medicine?

    • Questions about your medications must be directed to your doctor and your pharmacist. We are not familiar with the brands of green coffee that Costco sells nor what other ingredients, additives and fillers may be contained in them, or, for that matter,the purity of the ingredients that those brands contain. Therefore it would inappropriate for us to give an opinion. But, usually those type discount stores like Costco or Walmart, or even GNC for that matter do not offer the type of pure, high quality we would buy. Thanks for contacting HealthFoodPost.com

  21. Michelle Zhang says:

    What if the label says take only one per day

  22. Can I.take whats.inside.the capsule with water? I’m terrified of swallowing pills :/

  23. So let me get this straight, this actually helps you loose weight? What happens when you stop taking it? Do you start gaining the lost pounds back?

  24. Melissa says:

    I just bought green coffee bean extract plus African mango. The brand is top secret nutrition. On the directions it says to take 3 capsules before meals 1-3 times a day. Does it mean to take three pills with breakfast, lunch and dinner with a total of 9 pills. Or does it mean to take one with each meal with a total of three pills that day?

    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Melissa,
      We’re not familiar with the brand you asked about, so you will need to contact that company.

  25. should i eat the seed of the green coffee or i should powder it?

    • Neither. We know that high quality supplements like Perfect Green Coffee are pure extracts with known dosages of chlorogenic acid. But, we have no idea what the effects of eating raw coffee beans would be, so we would avoid it.

  26. Samridha Sarkar says:

    Hi, I very recently got introduced to this concept of green coffee bean and i want to give it a try. Although I was sceptic about this site, after reading all the comments and reply, I find this site to be trustworthy.
    I am thinking about placing an order. Do you ship to India?

  27. I have a ? I bought the pure green coffee cleanse pill and it says to take 3 pills perday before your morning meal with 8 oz of water. So i take all 3 at the same time in the morning.

    • Without knowing which product you are taking it is not possible to properly answer. So, call the company and get clarification.

  28. Is it healthy for ages 15-17 and cant the payment be made on delivery? ? N is it possible to ship it to india??

  29. What happen if you miss a dose?

  30. Hey , I just bought biotech USA green coffee and it’s saying 2 capsules daily with a glass of water which is a dosage of 500mg per capsule and 210mg chlorine if acid but m not sure how many capsules should I take in a day like 2 capsules each time or 2 capsules in a whole day , and also can I take it before my workout like with bcaa or pre workout cuz I immediately after finishing my workout I consume protein shake and then after 10 mins have my lunch . So please help me as I think only you can help me with this. Am really confused.thanks

  31. Hi if I have 1600 mg in one capsule how many I can take per a day, and dose it work after 2-3hour from taking the capsule because I am the type who eat many times in a day so what should I do

  32. ROMY SHARMA says:

    can we take green coffee extract for longer period.

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