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From Perfect Supplements comes:

Perfect Green Coffee

100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract
Contains 50% Chlorogenic Acid
Lab Tested by a Certified Testing Lab
Made in the USA
Manufactured under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Great Value Sale = Buy 3 Bottles & Save 25%
BEST VALUE SALE = Buy 6 Bottles & SAVE 30%
Extra Bonus Value Sale = Buy 12 Bottles & Save 35%

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To Order Online
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Click to buy Perfect Green Coffee
Click to buy Perfect Green Coffee

100% Pure

Here is the ‘Perfect Green Coffee’ ingredients label…

Perfect Green Coffee ingredients label



Quantity Discounts

Buy 3 Bottles or more and Save 25% to 35%
(Yes, you can ANY other Perfect Supplements products to get the quantity discount)

Save 25% to 35% by ordering 3 bottles of Perfect Supplements or more

Free shipping on domestic orders over $99

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Perfect Green Coffee uses only the highest standardized Green Coffee Bean Extract with a minimum 50% Chlorogenic Acid.

Certificate of Analysis
Green Coffee Extract 50% Chlorogenic acids HPLC

Certificate of Analysis Green Coffee Extract 50% Chlorogenic acids HPLC


Perfect Green Coffee is 100% Pure and is grown without pesticides.
NO Fillers
NO Flowing Agents
NO Additives
Contains ONLY Green Coffee Bean Extract
Vegetable capsule (cellulose)
Guaranteed to have at least 50% Chlorogenic Acid
400mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract Per Capsule

Perfect Green Coffee Offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Perfect Green Coffee Contains Only Minimal Caffeine
Perfect Green Coffee contains only small trace amounts of caffeine. An 800mg serving (2 capsules) contain approximately 16mg of caffeine, while a cup of coffee contains up to 150mg.

Perfect Green Coffee is Fairly Traded
Perfect Supplements guarantees their ingredients are fairly traded, but this is particularly important with coffee. Coffee is the commodity that started the fair trade movement. Coffee farmers were paid extremely unfair wages on which they could not even subsist on while middle-men became wealthy, and that’s what started the fair-trade movement. Perfect Green Coffee supports small farmers!

Perfect Green Coffee Ships Worldwide
Including Canada, Australia, the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, the UAE and MORE!

Shop Securely – All Perfect Supplements products feature:
100% Money Back Guarantee
No automatic shipments and NO automatic billing
No bogus free offers
No tricky memberships or subscriptions
Nothing to cancel, ever!
Order online here with confidence and security!


Quality Guaranteed


100% Money Back Guarantee

To Order Online
Click on the Image Below

Click to buy Perfect Green Coffee
Click to buy Perfect Green Coffee


  1. Silvia Trueba Chávez hita says:

    I am very interesting in buy you products. Green coffe. I send several mails to your team and nobody answer my mails. Please tell me who is the person do I have to contact to buy these product and also the cost. I have USA. Address.

    Thanks and best regards

  2. According to Dr. Oz and the associate nutritionist, there have not been enough studies performed yet for those who have hypertension and diabetes,especially while on medications for those conditions, and therefore has not been deemed safe for those with such conditions.

  3. Hi Silvia,
    Just got your comment/email for first time and responded directly with direct phone number and direct email. Feel free to use that email or the contact page on this website. Contact me directly and I will be happy to help get your order placed.
    Thanks for visiting the website and looking forward to helping place your order.

  4. What is the dosage that you need to take and do you need to take it before meals?

    • Hi Janet,
      Suggested dosage (as per bottle) is:
      “Take 1-2 capsules twice daily 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch with a full glass of water.”

  5. Hello, just wondering if you can tell me if this is definitely a good green coffee bean supplement to take, I dont want to waste money on the ones that wont work. as far as I can see this is a good one, please post what I can compare to the other green coffee bean supplemnets to prove this is the one. thanks

    • Hi Kelly,
      There is no question that “Perfect Green Coffee” is an excellent choice. It’s 100% pure. It has a guaranteed chlorogenic acid level of 50% (that is a guaranteed minimum level). Its purity and chlorogenic acid level are lab-verified by a certified testing lab….AND since each bottle has 90 capsules vs. 60 capsules from competitors, Perfect Green Coffee is the best value, by far.

      Don’t forget, if you buy 3 bottles you get a 25% discount.
      Buy 6 bottles, get a 30% discount.

      If you want to order Perfect Green Coffee by phone, call the number on this page.
      Thanks for visiting the website!

      • Hello, So many products out there claim of the purity of thier product and we consumers don’t really know if they’re telling the truth about their product so my question is which business or organization does the verification. Who is the certified testing lab that verifies the quality of your product?

        • The FDA requires that all ingredients be listed on an ingredients label, so as long as you can see the label, you can see whether or not the product is pure. We prominently post the Perfect Green Coffee ingredients label right here on this page and as you can see, Perfect Green Coffee is a 100% pure product. (If an ingredients label is not posted for a nutritional supplement, obviously the product should be avoided — or if the label says ‘proprietary blend’ that is another red flag and proprietary blends should be avoided too.) The Certificate of Analysis for Perfect Green Coffee is now posted on this page (see above) and it shows the level of chlorogenic acid to be 50% at minimum.

      • Antoinette says:

        It definitely seems like a great buy! However, the suggested dose is 800mg TWICE a day, so you would have to take 4 capsuls daily – which means you will be taking 120 per month – as compared to taking just two 800mg capsuls twice a day which equals 60 for a one month supply. If each capsul was 800mg – this would be perfect!

        • Hi Antoinette,
          The reason Perfect Green Coffee does 400 mg per capsule instead of 800 mg, is because with 800 mg’s the capsules are too large for many people to comfortably swallow. 400 mg gives you more flexibility since some folks like to take 3 or 4 per day and space theme out. Either way, Perfect Green Coffee is an awesome value and a great product. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Thank U for all the info 🙂

  7. Is this product made in the USA, I know your company is in the US but is this MADE in the USA?

  8. Why does this picture depict a 800mg but when I ordered mine from you it says 400mg? I bought your thinking it was 800 until i looked at your label again.


  9. Regarding the 800mg dosage, does it mean that 800mg is not safe to take twice daIly? Also I recently ordered the Pure Green Coffee from another company before seeing this add and I am this close to sending it back so I can purpose this one. Not only is yours cheaper but it seems more ligit. Dr Oz mentioned something about not buying the ones with proprietary blend on the label and the one I ordered says so hence my reason for wanting to return to buy yours. Could you give advice from an unbiased point of view?

  10. Hi Chrissy,
    AVOID PROPRIETARY BLENDS: If a label says “proprietary blend”…that means the company is keeping the ingredients secret. That’s crazy! I wouldn’t take anything with “mystery ingredients” and I don’t know why anyone else would. If an ingredients label does not fully disclose the ingredients, just avoid it.
    DOSAGE: The current Perfect Green Coffee label says take 1 capsule 3 times per day and to not exceed 4 capsules per day. Each capsule is 400 mg, so the label indicates it is fine to take 1600 mg per day.
    PRICE & VALUE: Of the handful of high-quality green coffee bean extract brands available, Perfect Green Coffee is the best value, and the quality is as good as it gets. Each bottle has 90 capsules. The product is 100% pure. The chlorogenic acid level is 50% and the ingredients are lab-verified by a certified testing lab. And when buying 3 bottles or more, the price is around 50% less expensive than competing brands.

  11. What is the level of caffeine in your Pure Green Coffee capsules?

    Thank you

    • Hi Beverly,
      Only 8 mg per capsule…
      That compares with the typical cup of coffee which averages 150 mg, and some coffees have as much as 400 mg per cup.
      So, the 8 mg amount is considered just a trace amount which should not affect most people at all.
      Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com!

  12. The bottle actually say proprietary GCBE-800 TM. Is it the same as Proprietary blend?

    • Our product Perfect Green Coffee does NOT say GCBE-800 TM.
      I looked at a website for GCBE-800 and the website I checked did NOT show an ingredients label, so I don’t know what is contained in that product. Your best best is to purchase Perfect Green Coffee. Its 100% pure with a 50% chlorogenic acid level (look at the ingredients label on this page) and it is priced significantly less that most competitors. There is no doubt that Perfect Green Coffee is as good a green coffee bean extract as you can get.

  13. sandeep says:

    well i have already ordered for the product on 28th of feb 2013

    Its been mentioned back ordered will ship march 8th, Does it mean the product will be shipped by 8th of march and if so when i am suppose to get in my hand.

    • Hi,
      Your ordered will ship on March 8th as indicated. It ships via US Post Office first class mail, so the exact date you receive it depends on the Post Office.
      Thanks for choosing Perfect Green Coffee!

  14. Can this be bought in the UK? Do you have a UK company selling this, or just in the USA?

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Perfect Green Coffee can be shipped to the UK by ordering through this website. Postal charges are run through at cost. But, it is not sold in stores in the UK.

  15. Hi,

    I am just eagerly waiting for my package since its been dispatched on 8th of this month but cant wait for even a day; But for my curiosity how many days it takes to ship to india

    • Hi,
      Shipments to India and to other destinations outside the US are sent via US Post Office First Class International Mail. It’s hard to say exactly the number of days it takes because it depends on the various postal services involved, in both countries. Just like packages sent within the domestic US, the delivery time varies. So, you can do us a favor by letting us know how long your order took to get to you once you get your package. Remember to look at the date it was sent and keep in mind that the time (local US time) the order was received matters because March 8th was a Friday, so if the order was received late on Friday, it was probably mailed on Monday March 11th. Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for writing!

  16. rosa alvarez says:

    How can I order the product the number is a voice mail

    • Hi Rosa,
      When all lines are occupied it goes to voicemail. Usually callers get right through, but when voicemails are left for us, we respond quickly and are always happy to take phone orders at 1-732-249-9008.
      Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com!

  17. Hello,

    The Green Coffee fever reached also our country- Romania, Eastern Europe :).
    Can you please tell me how we can purchase your products? Please note that I am interested in buying the Perfect Green Coffee for individual use and would like to know if and at what cost (transport included) I could get the product.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Ema,
      Perfect Green Coffee can be shiped to Romania!
      To order click here click on the image of the bottle of Perfect Green Coffee on this page
      There you will see pricing and remember… When buying 3 to 5 bottles you get a 25% discount, 6 to 11 bottles gets a 30% discount, and 12 bottles or more gets a 35% discount. The shipping cost should be indicated at checkout. Not sure of cost to Romania, but it is charged at cost, no markup —and shipping goes US Post Office First Class Mail International.

  18. Do you know what the acidity level is for this Coffee extract. I know you said Contains 50% Chlorogenic Acid but is that total acidity. I have a sensitivity to acid levels and have to be cautious.

  19. My dad has hypertension and diabetes. His blood sugar was over 300 even on his meds. After using green coffee bean his sugar levels dropped dramatically. He now takes green coffee bean before lunch and dinner. He is doing very well.

  20. Hi., is your product can be sent to .Dubai United Arab Emirates. Or anywhere we can get it from here?

    • Yes, we can ship Perfect Green Coffee to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.( It is not sold in stores.) Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com!

  21. Am interested in purchasing some of your green coffee extract and am in the UK. Could you tell me, apart from shipping costs will there be any additional customs charges. I don’t want to order from you and then find out the price has doubled because of extra costs and do you know roughly how long it would take to receive the order.
    Many Thanks

    • There are no additional costs, whatsoever. So, you can order with confidence. No surprises, guaranteed! Shipping goes First Class. Shipping times are determined by the Postal Service. It shouldn’t be too long but if you order, please come back and leave a comment to let us know how long it took to get to you in the UK.

  22. hey, im so interested in getting the green coffee beans extrats. How do i get them, im in south africa. I really need them please help

    • Perfect Green Coffee ships to South Africa! Just order online (on this page) and it will be sent via first class mail today.

  23. Am concerned about the fact that there is no mention of Sevtol or GCA…

    • Hi Roy,
      Nothing to be concerned about. Here are the facts. Svetol and GCA are brand names. Brand names are not important. What is important is the chlorogenic acid content of the green coffee supplement. Svetol has 45% chlorogenic acid and GCA has 42%. Perfect Green Coffee has 50%. There is a lot of marketing hype suggesting that green coffee products must have the brand names Svetol or GCA to be authentic. That, in our opinion, is ridiculous. Our suggestion is to avoid the hype and just make sure the product you select a product that is pure (meaning no extra, unnecessary ingredients) and one that contains a high chlorogenic acid level of at least 42%. By the way, the chlorogenic acid level of Perfect Green Coffee is lab-verified, so there can be no question as to its’ high quality. And, it is a lot less expensive than most of the other brands making it an excellent value.

  24. Hi I have a quick question, the ingredients state 50% Chlorogenic acid and 2% caffeine so what is the other 48% of ingredients not listed? Don’t you say all ingredients are to be listed?
    Thanks Ange

    • Hi Ange,
      There is only 1 ingredient in Perfect Green Coffee which is pure green coffee bean extract. The extract used has a chlorogenic acid content of 50%, and a trace amount (approx. 8mg) of caffeine.

      • Hi I understand this, what your not telling me is what the other 48% of the extract is? 50% is chlorogenic acid and 2% caffeine, what is the 48% of the extract?

        • Hi Ange,
          Perfect Green Coffee is made with 100% Green Coffee Bean Extract. This extract consists of chlorogenic acid (50%), caffeine (2%), and other naturally occurring antioxidants (48%). Green Coffee Bean Extract is naturally extracted from raw unroasted coffee beans. There are no fillers or flow agents within this product. The only inactive ingredient is the capsule, which is made from 100% plant based cellulose.

  25. Vivian says:

    I want to know if it is possible to find this product or similar one in Toronto-Canada.
    Right now I’m taking the: Herbal Slim Green Coffee bean 50% Chlorogenic Acid, 500 mg, Pure. (60 capsules). Manufactured in Toronto. Do you think this is good product???


    • Hi Vivian,
      Perfect Green Coffee is sold online only, but we do ship to Canada! In fact, Perfect Green Coffee is extremely popular in Canada. As for the other product, I’m not familiar with it.

  26. Addis M. says:

    My home city Addis Ababa Ethiopia. My question about this pure green coffee bean is how can I get it?
    Can someone advise me please? Thanks.

    • Hi Addis – Perfect Green Coffee is available online only but it can be shipped to Ethiopia. Just click on the image of the bottle near the top of this page http://www.healthfoodpost.com/green-coffee-extract/buy-green-coffee-extract/ and that will take you to the order page. To save on future shipping costs, especially outside the US,, its best to order in quantity (like 6 bottles or 12 bottles) plus you get big discounts when ordering multiple bottles. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com!

  27. Do you deliver to lebanon or KSA?

    • Yes, we can deliver to Lebanon and the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

      • Just to clarify more, my friend bought the green coffee extract from other company and they have said the same that they can deliver to KSA, after buying the product Aramex the shipping company informed my friend that they cannot delivery this shipment to KSA because such product is prohibited to enter the country. Please explain.

        • Hi Samir,
          We have been shipping Perfect Green Coffee (and other Perfect Supplements products) successfully to KSA, so unless the regulations have changed there should not be a problem. Shipping to Saudi Arabia is slow, though. It usually takes about 20 business days, but it gets there. Give it a try and let us know how long it took. Thanks for writing.

  28. Hi , I purchased mine at GNC it says 56.66% chlorogenic acid GCB . Am I getting the right one?

    • Hi Joju –
      The GCB product itself looks okay, but the price is ridiculously high.The GCB product from GNC is a 350 mg cap with 90 capsules per bottle. That’s fine. But the price is an outrageous $59.99 (or $47.99 if you are a “member”). There is no need to pay that much. For the price of 1 bottle of GCB, you could buy 3 bottles of Perfect Green Coffee! The 3 bottle price of Perfect Green Coffee is only $18.72 per bottle, and the 6 bottle price is $17.47 per bottle. And when buying 12 bottles of Perfect Green Coffee the price is only $16.22 per bottle. That’s a great value for an excellent product.

      So “Perfect Green Coffee” is strongly recommended over “GCB” from GNC based on price PLUS Perfect Green Coffee is made in The USA and the quality is as good as it gets! Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com

  29. Vera-lynn says:

    Hi, I would like to order online but where it asks for country, South Africa is not listed nor is the cities. Phoning from SA is a bit expencive.

    • Hi Vera-lynn,
      Unfortunately, South Africa refuses all shipments so we can’t successfully deliver an order to that country. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com

  30. Nan Katt says:

    I would like to know what city/state in the USA Perfect Green Coffee Extract is manufactured. I want to make sure it isn’t made in China or some other foreign country, and then shipped to your facility.

  31. Arnold Baron says:

    I was skeptical until I tried it for myself. I have lost over 20lbs in the last 3 months with watching what I was eating and a little bit of exercise Green Coffee Extract has helped me get closer to my goal weight fast than anything else I have tried.

  32. What is the price in RM (RINGGIT MALAYSIA)?

    • Hi – You need to figure out the current currency conversion for Malaysian dollars to US Dollars. Sorry we can’t help on this question. Thanks for visiting.

  33. Solomon says:

    I am very impressed with what I have read so far about the Perfect Green coffee thing, can shipment be made to Nigeria?

  34. Hi im just starting out in taking this green bean extract how many a day do I take also when do I take them ?

  35. peace njoku says:

    Please I got your mail and it says I can order by paying cash as my master card is not in use…am currently staying in India so how do I order cause I really need to get the coffee bean extract please help thanks.

  36. Michelle Mynhardt says:

    Where can I purchase this product in South Africa

    • Perfect Green Coffee is sold online only. Unfortunately, South Africa is one of the few countries we cannot ship to. We have tried but for some reason the packages do not get delivered. Maybe you can ask your postal service and let us know what they say. We got lots of requests for Perfect Green Coffee from South Africa and would like to ship to customers there!

  37. Is this product safe for people without gallbladders? Will it effect the fat storage?

  38. Hi. I really would like to purchase your pure green coffee bean extract, could you please tell me if you can shipt his product to my country which is Malta Europe.


  39. marko boduljak says:

    Do you deliver to Croatia?

    • Hi Marko,
      Yes! We deliver Perfect Green Coffee to Croatia. Just click on the blue “Buy Now” button on this page and proceed with your order. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com

  40. evelyn l. ada says:

    Hi! After reading some of your post..i want to give it a try….you know i tried a lot of slimming products but the result is only temporary….loss a little, but gain back more. T he money back guarantee, for clarification pls….does it mean…what?…and have you delivered here in cebu, philippines, how many days?.. thank you

    • The money back guarantee means if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a refund, less shipping fees, of course. Yes, we deliver Perfect Green Coffee to the Philippines and shipping times vary depending on the postal service. Shipping is always First Class International for outside the US.

  41. Chand afroz says:

    Dear Sir
    I m satisfied with your good product GREEN COFFEE BEANS EXTRACT I have very little stomach fat and my body is normal no heavy so I want to this GCB Extract will be spotted for my health or not and also inform me I can get this pills in Saudi where from and I discovered every where in your web site, so please also tell me that what is price of this 1 pills bottle and sipping charges to Saudi Arabia
    thank you
    for health sporting

  42. I would like to purchase the pure green coffee beanb extract pills but i live in South Africa, i know you do not ship to this country but i have family that are currently on vacation there is it possible for them to buy it locally and then bring home with them

    • Hi Beverley,
      Yes, unfortunately South Africa is one one the few countries we do not ship to. However, we ship to most all other countries. Perfect Green Coffee is available online only.

  43. Hi,

    I wanted to buy this product, however, when I proceeded to check out I cannot find the country I am living in right now. I am currently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have read somewhere in the comments that you are able to ship to Dubai. I so want to purchase this product. Can you please give me advice as to how I will be able to do so?

    • Hi Margie,
      When problems shipping to certain countries start happening a number of times, and it appears the shipments are not getting to the customers, the country is removed from the list in the drop-down menu on the order page. So, at the present time we can’t successfully get shipments to customers in the United Arab Emirates, but we can deliver to many other countries in the region.

  44. Hi
    Do you sip Green coffee to Cameroon ? If yes How many days it takes to reach ?
    How can know that yours is genuine ?

  45. Do you ship green coffee to Cameroon ? If yes, how many days it takes to reach ?
    Something else, how can I know if your green coffee is the purest one ?

    • Hi Jhonp,
      Yes, we ship to Cameroon. All shipments are sent via First Class International through US Postal Service. Delivery times vary based on the postal service in your location. Regarding purity, the information on this page including the ingredients label indicates 100% purity.

  46. HI Admin,
    How many bottles should I buy to loose 15Kg ?

  47. Hi there,

    Do you deliver to Australia and what’s the cost of shipping. Also do you have any testimonials?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,
      Yes, we ship to Australia. In fact, we have lots of customers in Australia. Shipping is done via US Postal Service. To see the exact rates, when you click on the blue “Buy Now” button on this page you will be taken to the Perfect Supplements order page. Prior to completing an order you will see the exact shipping charge for your location. So, if the charge is unacceptable you would be able to abandon the transaction. However, you will probably find the cost to be reasonable as shipping charges are passed through to customers at very close to cost.

      Regarding testimonials we don’t do them because most testimonials on health/nutrition/fitness websites are frequently bogus, and we don’t want to appear to be participating in that type of marketing. So, we try to just present facts without hype…and the best quality products at fair prices. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com.

  48. Do you deliver also in Saudi Arabia? If so, how many days it will be delivered upon order? How much does it cost for 3 bottles?

    • Yes, we deliver to Saudi Arabia. When you click through from this page to the Perfect Supplements Order Page you will see Saudi Arabia in the drop-down menu when entering your shipping address. Delivery times are based on the Postal Service, but be assured all orders received by 4:00 p.m. local time (East Coast in United States) go to Post Office on the same day the order is received. Orders after 4:00 p.m. get sent on the following business day. So we do our best to get deliveries in the mail to you quickly. When buying 3 bottles you get a 25% discount which comes to $18.72 per bottle. The 6 bottle price gets a 30% discount which gives you a price of $17.47 per bottle. 12 bottle orders get a 35% discount. Each bottle is 90 capsules so these are excellent prices for an exceptional green coffee product. Don’t forget you are protected by a Money-Back Guarantee so you can order from us with confidence and security. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com

  49. Hi, i just wan’t to ask about green coffee beans not extract. If i will drink coffee from the green beans maybe it will work much better than pills?

  50. Yes, but i’m talking about not roasted coffee beans.

    • It would be very bitter and unpleasant to the taste buds. Plus, you would not get the chlorogenic acid in the same concentrated potency, as you would with the supplements.

  51. Cynthia Monteiro says:

    I Would like to know if Pure green coffee has been exported to Netherlands. If so, do you have the names of the possible suppliers in the Netherlands?

    Is it possible to have pure green coffee shipped to africa?

    Please inform

    Thank you

    • Yes, we ship Perfect Green Coffee to the Netherlands. In fact, we have many customers in the Netherlands. And yes, we ship to most countries in Africa (but not South Africa). Perfect Green Coffee is sold online only and not in stores. Order online on this page. Click on “Buy Now” Button to get to the “Perfect Supplements” order page.

  52. Please i would to ask you, Do you deliver also in Hungary, So if I order how many days want to get my order

    • Hi Seham,
      Yes, we deliver to Hungary. Orders are sent the same day that you order and are sent First Class International. Delivery time is determined by your local customs office and postal service. I would expect delivery time to be approximately 10 days, give or take a few days. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com

  53. This product is reported to lower blood sugar levels, sometimes dramatically. What about people who have hypoglycemia and already have problems with low blood sugar? How do you think it’ll effect them?

  54. Hi, i just ordered this product today ( 12th oct) to the UK. Approximately how long will it take to get here?

    • The delivery time is hard to state exactly because it affected by the postal services and customs. The orders are shipped same day they are received on normal business days, Monday through Friday. We have a lot of customers in Great Britain and were being told delivery times are averaging about 10 days presently, but could take 2 weeks. Please let us know how long it took to receive your order from today. Thanks for becoming a HealthFoodPost.com customer!

  55. Hi my names Simmone, I’m 23 years old. Just wondering if the green coffee extract is safe for me to take as I’m not actually classified as overweight. I just want to get rid of a few chubby bits and the bloating feeling. I’m not quite 5 foot tall and I weigh from 53-55kgs. Is it safe?

  56. Excellent thanks for your help. What dosage do u take? 1 or 2 a day?

    • Personally I take 1 per day but at times I’ve taken as many as 4 per day. One factor is when I consume more carbohydrates or sugar I tend to increase my intake by one or more. And frankly, every winter I typically get a nasty head cold. So, last winter I took 3 or 4 per day and did not get a head cold. Don’t read too much into that because one thing may have nothing to do with the other. This is just me experimenting. The bottom line, though, is I did not experience any negative side effects of any kind. Again, this is not a scientific experiment…just some personal experimenting.

  57. hi admin. for shipment in the philippines, what to place under province? will that be the complete address? thanks!

    • Just add the address on one of the extra address lines and it will be fine. Then if you want to be extra sure, feel free to use the contact form on HealthFoodPost.com see here http://www.healthfoodpost.com/contact/ and email me your order number and your complete address and I will make sure it is properly addressed. Thanks for shopping here!

  58. Hi…

    One question, do u ship these green coffee beans to South Africa?

    • Unfortunately, South Africa is one of the few countries we do not ship to. We tried, but our deliveries were not making it through to customers, for reasons unknown to us. (Any country you see in the drop-down menu on the order page we can ship to.)

  59. Hi, does free delivery of orders over $99 include Republic of Ireland? If not do you have a UK branch that you ship from?
    Thanks, Helen

    • Hi Helen,
      The free delivery for orders over $99 only applied to deliveries in the US. Perfect Green Coffee ships only from the US. But, remember that when buying 6 bottles the price is excellent at only $17.47 per bottle of 90 capsules each bottle. So, even with the shipping costs, the value of Perfect Green Coffee blows away the competition. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com

  60. I wonder whether you charge shipping or postage cost for clients in Malaysia

  61. That’s exactly the information I was looking for somewhere! I hope others who are looking for Svetol or GCA see this post. Thanks!!

  62. Syasya Lourdes says:

    Hi there,

    Can I know how do I go about purchasing the perfect green coffee extract ?
    I’m living in Malaysia, and that if it is possible, how long would it take for it to arrive?


    • All international shipments are sent via First Class International from the US Postal Service. International shipments usually take 10 to 14 days to arrive.

  63. Dear Staff,

    Sounds like a great product and much needed, however, I will only take it if it is cruelty free, so please tell me, IS IT CRUELTY FREE? Thankyou for your time and patience.


  64. patricia breland says:

    I live in Louisiana can I get it at a health food store

  65. I wish to order online and am here in Ghana-West Africa. Do you ship down here and whats the delivery period. never saw that in your checkout. Please advice

    • Hi Eric,
      Yes, we ship to Ghana in West Africa. (You will see Ghana on the drop-down menu when ordering,) Delivery time is about 2 weeks.

  66. Marthese says:

    I’d like to know if there is a specific diet that you have to abide with while using the green coffee extract in order foe it to work.?

  67. Nishantha says:

    can i buy this product in Dubai

  68. Shinichi says:

    Hi, do you ship product to singapore? Thx

    • Yes, Perfect Green Coffee ships to Singapore. Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com

      • Hi do you ship to Romania the product? I tried to buy it but I didn’t find Romania in the country list

        • Hi Ana,
          Unfortunately Romania is not on the list of countries we are currently shipping to. When a country is not on the list (on the drop down menu on the order page) it usually indicates that in the past shipments were not getting through, so we had to remove the country from the drop down menu. So sorry.

  69. Hey,
    Do you ship it in India as well? I would like to start a asap. Can the payment be made by cash on delivery?

    • Yes, Perfect Green Coffee ships to India. All payments options are listed on the order page, but sorry, cash on delivery is not an option.

  70. What are your thoughts about taking this pill with an underactive thyroid???????????

    • Hi Rose,
      Medical questions must be asked of your doctor and/or pharmacist.
      Thanks for visiting HealthFoodPost.com!

  71. Marjorie says:

    Before buying your product which seems to be very effective I would like to knoe wether someone suffering from diabete type 1 using insuline 2 times daily and who has a high blod pressure and is under medication can use the green coffee safely . Thanks for replying as soon as possible so that I can make my order for 3 bottles quickly

    Waiting for you quick reply


  72. How many days does it takes to deliver to a Brooklyn, New York address ?

  73. Hey
    After reading so much about it I want to try but my concern is that does this green coffee has any side effects and also on an average how many kgs does one losses in a week.

  74. What is the difference in pure green coffee bean extract and pure green coffee bean pure?

  75. Were in south africa can I get the product im in pretoria south africa and how much is it?

  76. Hi,
    Can you ship to Hong Kong? If yes, how much for the shipping fee for 3 bottles?

    • Yes, we ship to Hong Kong. Go through the order process and prior to entering your payment information, the system will show the exact shipping costs.

  77. After reading the post here i decided to order for your product the Perfect Green Coffee weight loss pills, but when filling the ordering form, i noticed that Nigeria was not listed among the countries. Why?

    So how do i place my order?
    I am really interested, so please reply as soon as possible.

    From Bayelsa State, Nigeria-West Africa

  78. hi! im in cote d’ivoire. i wish to order your product green coffe bean. I couldnt use MY VISA CARD to make payment .however i wish to know if i can place an order through western union.

  79. Nakul Pandey says:

    Whats the price of this green coffee beans extract or pills ????? :-/

  80. Hi. I ordered green coffee bean extract 2 days before from Singapore. I got 6 digit order number. How to track my order ?

    • Are you from Singapore and did you order the brand ‘Perfect Green Coffee’ or…did you order a product from Singapore? If you ordered Perfect Green Coffee through this website please contact us via the ‘contact page’ with your name and email address used for the order and we will check for this order. Thanks.

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