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Examining Essential Oils

Using essential oils for healing purposes is an age-old practice, but these ancient oils have recently seen a reemergence in many medicine cabinet appearances all over the country. Claiming to fix a wide variety of ailments, these oils are sold in major stores, websites, and even through home shows. How is the average consumer to know if these tiny jars of oil are miracles in a bottle or merely modern day snake oil? Our helpful guidelines will help savvy, health-conscious consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Buy Only Quality Oils: Unfortunately, anytime something becomes profitable, there will be companies who want only to make a quick profit. In the case of essential oils, consumers buy only from reputable manufacturers who clearly display all ingredients on their products in order to avoid a subpar product. Oils should contain only a single essential oil or blend of multiple essential oils, with no artificial filler ingredients or additives. If a shopper intends to take the oils internally, make sure they are considered to be of food grade. It is preferable to opt for organic versions whenever possible.

Research Before Buying: An essential oil claiming to cure cancer and other serious ailments is at best being overhyped and at worst deliberately deceiving customers. Consumers are encouraged to do research before trying any essential oils. Research has shown that peppermint oil can aid in relieving headaches, tea tree oil does have strong antibacterial properties, and lavender can with relaxation.

Use with Caution: Consumers must remember that anything that has the power to help is also powerful enough to cause harm if improperly used. Essential oils are concentrated and potent, whether they are ingested, diffused, or used topically with carrier oils. Always follow usage guidelines to prevent problems. Additionally, it should be noted that some oils are not suitable for children so parents should verify appropriate usage before using any oils on young children.

When high quality oils are used by informed consumers for their intended purposes they can make a valuable part of any medicine cabinet.

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