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Cooking With Coconut Sugar

What is Coconut Sugar? It is a sugar made from the sap of coconut flowers. It is boiled down and then made into a granulated form, sometimes called coconut crystals, or into a syrup which is often called coconut nectar. Don’t confuse coconut sugar with palm sugar because they are different. Look for coconut sugar made from the coconut sap from coconut trees. The largest producer of coconuts is the Philippines. How does it Taste? It’s delicious, in the opinion … [Read more...]

Cooking With Almond Flour

Almond flour is simply ground almonds. You can use it in baking in place of wheat flour or in combination with wheat flour. It’s moist and has a delicious nutty flavor and it is excellent for people who want to reduce fast digesting carbohydrates. Almond flour is generally made from blanched almonds without the skins while almond meal is often made with the skins. Almond flour is great in scones, cookies, and pancakes, and can even be used for breading a fish. A … [Read more...]