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A Brief Guide to Clean Eating

You may have heard the term ‘clean eating’ by now, and have possibly wanted to begin following a clean eating lifestyle yourself. To many people, this can seem to be a daunting task. However, the concept of clean eating is deceptively simple. Instead of concentrating on consuming more or less of a certain type of food, or counting calories and carbohydrates, you simply become more mindful of your food’s origin, and the path it travels between that origin and your dinner … [Read more...]

Sleep – Is Seven the New Eight?

The conventional line of wisdom on sleep needs has long been to get a solid eight hours of sleep each night. The findings in a new study suggest that eight hours may actually be missing the mark by as much as an hour. The study, published in The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, reports that seven hours of sleep each night is actually the optimal amount when it comes to memory function. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts included … [Read more...]

Painlessly Cutting the Amount of Sugar in Your Diet

Research is continually revealing the risks sugar poses to our health, both in the short term and the long term. Not only do added sugars lead to larger waistlines and tooth decay, they also cause blood sugar spikes and drops, which leads to internal inflammation. A diet high in sugar puts you more at risk for developing Type II Diabetes. And these are only a few of the problems associated with excessive sugar consumption. With all the problems caused by sugar … [Read more...]

Smart Technology Moves to Shirts

Watches that reveal heart rates have been around for many years. Bracelets and small GPS devices that give health data have established a presence in the market place. Now a new technology for delivering biometric data is set to hit store shelves. Montreal based company OMSignal has developed technology to produce shirts that will link with an app to tell wearers data such as their heart rate, breathing rate, workout intensity, calories burned, physiological stress, and … [Read more...]

How Your Smart Phone Make You Healthier

These days it seems as though smart phones can do just about anything. From entertainment to productivity, people can find apps to fit almost anything they need. But, can your phone actually help you to live a healthier lifestyle? Consider downloading apps in the following categories to jumpstart your health goals. Food Journal: It is all too easy to grab a handful of candy here or a few bites of potato chips there without even realizing. By logging nutritional … [Read more...]