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Information About The Patented African Mango Extract IGOB131


All African Mango Supplements Are NOT the Same

Here’s the difference:
They may all contain extracts from the pit of the African mango fruit.
But, only one specific extract was used in the African Mango small clinical study. And, that specific extract is patented.

The patented extract is IGOB131™.
So, if you want to try an authentic African mango extract like the one used in the well-publicized (but small) study done in Africa, you MUST use one that contains the patented extract IGOB131™. If the African mango supplement does not contain IGOB131™ it is not the real thing.

There is only one African Mango supplement that contains 100% pure IGOB131™ and in the EXACT DOSAGE tested on humans.

That product is ‘Perfect African 

Remember, if the supplement does NOT contain IGOB131™ it is not the real thing!

African Mango is also known as Irvingia Gabonensis. When people refer to African mango or Irvingia Gabonensis these days, they are really referring to an extract from the pit, or seed, of the African mango fruit. That seed is called the Dika nut. Sometimes is may be listed as Dikka nut. Remember that African mango fruit or Dika nuts are not available outside of African at this time.

Very few supplements contain this patented extract and those that do often combine it with other unnecessary ingredients… such as caffeine. Or, they use different dosages as were used in the clinical study.

‘Perfect African Mango’ is the ONLY African Mango nutritional supplement that contains only the patented pure African mango extract IGOB131™ and no additives or unnecessary ingredients.


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