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Freeze Dried Acai Berry


Fresh Acai Berry is Only Available in Brazil

First of all, fresh acai berries are only available if you live in the rainforest region of Brazil. Acai berry fruit is highly perishable and can’t be transported to other areas like banana’s, avocados, or other fruits. When the acai berries are picked from the acai palm tree they begin to lose their nutritional potency quickly, so they must be either frozen or freeze-dried very soon after harvest, so that their nutritional potency is maintained. Once frozen or freeze dried, they can be exported.

fresh acai berry is available only in Brazil

Avoid Acai Berry Juices & Extracts

The problem with acai berry juices or acai extracts is that with these products you are missing out on the full nutritional value of the whole acai fruit. The acai berry is loaded with vast nutritional properties and antioxidants. An “extract” is merely part of the fruit and who knows what part. Juices are almost always blends of acai extracts and other juices like apple juice. These products miss the point. The idea is to get the full nutritional components as contained in whole fresh acai berry fruit. The ONLY way to get this is to use either frozen acai berry skin and pulp or freeze-dried acai berry powder. (Remember the acai seed, or pit, also known as “endocarp” is nutritionally worthless so make sure you only buy acai products WITHOUT the seed or endocarp).

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Freeze Dried Acai Berry is Best

We think freeze dried acai berry is the very best form of acai berry available outside of Brazil. You get the full nutritional potency intact and it is very convenient to use. Freeze dried acai is available in supplement, or pill, form or… in powder form in jars.

The process of freeze-drying is fascinating. The freeze-drying process removes the moisture while preserving all of the nutritional properties. And it is, of course, important that the product you buy is from a company whose acai supplier is a very reputable supplier.

In the case of the product “Perfect Acai”, this product contains acai supplied by the best acai berry supplier anywhere. The supplier is a company called Earthfruits, a supplier with facilities in Brazil and the United States.

Earthfruits is a high-integrity, ethical company that works directly with the top acai growers in Brazil to bring you the highest quality acai berry products. And while doing this, they work ethically with the acai farmers of Brazil producing fair profits for the farmers in Brazil. The have partnership arrangements with the top Brazilian acai producers like “Bony Acai” located in the Amazon rainforest. Acai berry from Earthfruits is frozen within 12 to 18 hours from when the acai berries are picked.

For freeze-drying, Earthfruits uses Liotecnica, a company with over 45 years experience in food dehydration. Liotecnica is a leading pioneer in freeze-drying technology and for freeze-drying acai in Brazil, Liotecnica is simply the best.

So, when buying Perfect Acai you can be confident you are getting the very highest quality acai berry product available anywhere.

‘Perfect Acai’ features:

  • Organic Freeze Dried Acai
  • No seed is used – Just acai skin and pulp by Earthfruits suppliers
  • The acai is frozen within 12 to 18 hours and then freeze dried by Liontecnica
  • Fair traded and sustainable
  • Ethical
  • Excellent customer service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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