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Acai Berry

How to Select Quality Authentic Acai Berry

In 2008, acai berry went from being a rare fruit from the Amazon rainforest region of Brazil to the most hyped fruit in history. It was touted as a miracle weight loss potion and as a cure for just about every disease under the sun, but mostly as a fat burning miracle product, but we never have because none of that hype is true.. But beyond all that ridiculous hype was, and is, a very potent and highly nutritious fruit with significant nutritional benefits. Yes, berries are good but acai berries are the best. They are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants!

Quality Authentic Acai Berry

Can’t I Just Eat Fresh Acai Berry Fruits?

Nope. You can only get fresh acai berries if you live in Brazil! And, the fruit begins to lose it’s potency within 24 hours of being picked so it can’t be shipped like bananas or avocados. Once the berries are removed from the acai palm trees they must be quickly frozen or freeze-dried in order to maintain potency. And, only then can they be exported. Frozen pulp is good but freeze-dried acai powder is even better.

Why Freeze Dried Acai Berry is Best

The freeze-drying process removes moisture from a substance while preserving most all of its desired properties. The best way to insure you are getting acai berry with it’s nutritional potential intact is to only purchase freeze dried organic acai powder in either capsule form or in a jar.

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Are Acai Juice Products Worth It?

Most acai berry juices products are blends of many different juices, like apple juice and other ingredients. Sure, they taste good but they are not 100% acai and they are usually loaded with fructose, which is sugar, and which is unhealthy. Yes, all-natural fruit juices have about as much sugar as a can of cola. Only the sugar is called fructose. Also, most of the juice products have very little acai in the product. So, to get the nutritional benefits you are looking for, forget the juice and get a quality supplement that contains pure freeze-dried acai powder from a reputable supplier.


Acai Berry – Why Pure Freeze Dried Acai Berry Works Best

Watch this video for tips on selecting the best acai berry products

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  1. Acai Lover says:

    Not true! The most nutritious and primary form of acai is a puree or pulp. Freeze-dried acai is just reprocessed from acai purees. Even the best freeze-drying techniques strip out some of the valuable nutrients of acai and flavor isn’t even close, nor is texture of reconstituted acai powder vs. original purees. For the best acai, look for frozen acai purees. Freeze-dried is a nice option if you don’t have a freezer or live near a grocer that sells frozen acai. I would take freeze-dried powder if I was going camping or going to the moon, probably put it next to my Tang. Seriously, eat your acai instead of some powder, people don’t eat powdered apples or strawberries so why should you do the same with acai.

  2. Honey Hamilton says:

    Well, I have taken the freeze dried acai for years and I trust it to no end.

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