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About Health Food Post

We believe in real food!

Wherever possible we’ll go for a whole food or a whole food supplement over anything synthetic every time.

This site about whole food ‘ingredients’ and NOT synthetic supplements! There is a huge difference. You’ll see it in every product discusssed on this website by reading the writeups and the ingredients label.

And, we’re very Paleo friendly.

Our goal is to gather and present to you the latest and most relevant news and information about healthy living, nutrition, fitness, and more.

And, we’ll try to help show how to select products with quality whole-food ingredients. That’s the kind we like. No propietary blends. No extracts. No pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. Non-GMO. No fillers. No flowing agents. You get the idea

We think increasing our intake of good quality natural foods while substantially decreasing the bad stuff, like sugar and fast-digesting sugar-spiking carbs, certainly can’t hurt and very likely will help both the body and the mind.

To that extent we look for, and present to you, our research and ideas for products that are organic, natural, healthy and non-toxic and contain “real food” not synthetic supplements. Our priority is always products that are fairly traded, ethically manufactured, and environmentally friendly.

And, we always want to hear from you so please be sure to leave comments and questions in the comment section available on most pages on this website or contact us through the contact page.

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