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Consumer Alert – Avoid Free Green Coffee Offers


Avoid “Free” Green Coffee Offers

Here’s Why…


Free Green Coffee Offers Are NOT Free

They are mostly schemes to trick consumers into signing up for automatic monthly shipments of inferior green coffee products at grossly inflated prices. That’s right, they are not free, the products are not good and the prices are insultingly high. In other words, they are mostly scams. Read the fine print! It’s there but it is intentionally hard to find. It’s usually hidden in sections or pages with titles like “Terms and Conditions” or “Consumer Information” or “Terms.” You get the idea. They disclose the terms somewhere on the website, but they are hard to find so most people will not realize that when they are signing up for a free bottle, they are inadvertently signing up for automatic monthly shipments.

Have You Been Victimized Free Offer Scams?
Please post your comments and experiences below and help other folks avoid getting scammed by phony free offer schemes.

Remember: HealthFoodPost.com does NOT offer free trials or free bottles.

We never have and we never will. No product offered on this website has terms and conditions because there aren’t any. We do NOT auto-ship products. We do NOT offer free trials or free bottles. At HealthFoodPost.com you only get shipments when you specifically place an order. When ordering through this website, you can order with confidence and security. That’s a guarantee! No auto-shipments. No bogus free offers. No surprises. Just the highest quality products. We are proud to say that we have been warning consumers to avoid so-called free green coffee offers as soon as we became aware of this consumer rip-off. Free offers are mostly schemes designed to take advantage of the fact that we all want a bargain and we’d all love to get something for nothing. But life doesn’t work that way. As the old saying goes, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. So use common sense and avoid free green coffee offers, and avoid free offers for other products too.

Have You Been Victimized Free Offer Scams?
Please post your comments and experiences below and help other folks avoid getting scammed by phony free offer schemes.

How the “Free Green Coffee Offer” Scam Works

These bogus offers require people to submit their credit card information. This should be the first red flag. If it’s free, consumers should not need to provide credit card or debit card information? The companies say that your credit card information is required because to get your “free” product you must pay for the shipping. Again, use your common sense. Nothing is free. There is usually a catch. And if you think you can outwit the scam by quickly cancelling after you get your “free bottle” think again! These crooks are ready for you. They make it extremely difficult to cancel. The customer service phone lines often go unanswered and the emails are often unanswered. And furthermore, do you really think a company that engages in this type of fraudulent marketing is going to provide a quality, authentic, legitimate product? Of course not. Even if you end up with a free product, the product will likely be worthless…so what’s the point.

Beware! Monthly Auto-Shipments Are Very Difficult To Cancel

Most of the time, before consumers realize they unwittingly signed up for automatic monthly shipments or before they are able to cancel the monthly shipments of products they did not order, they start getting billed on their credit cards for very expensive (and inferior or worthless) products. Further, when consumers realize these offers are not free they find themselves in a frustrating entanglement with companies that are extremely difficult to contact, making it very difficult to undo the mess.

Have You Been Victimized Free Offer Scams?
Please post your comments and experiences below and help other folks avoid getting scammed by phony free offer schemes.

Don’t Get Tricked By So-Called Free Offers

These unethical scam operators know that most people don’t read every word on a website, nor do they click on all the links. These crooked companies may allege that they disclosed their auto-ship program, but they really didn’t because they hide their “disclosure” behind a link and they know most people don’t read everything on a webpage or click on all the links on a website. So, instead of properly disclosing the real “terms” of the so-called free offer on the front page where such disclosure should be and where consumers can easily see it, they hide it.

These auto-ship scams are not unique to green coffee. This type of unethical marketing scheme has been going on for a long time and with many different products. Usually the Federal Trade Commission shuts them down, but this takes awhile since these auto-shipment scams are so prevalent these days. Sometimes the credit card processing companies shut these companies down first by revoking the company’s credit card payment processing privileges. This occurs when victims dispute their credit card charges with their credit card issuing banks. When the merchants start receiving excessive charge-backs, the processing companies often revoke their card processing accounts. Then the scam companies frequently find more expensive off-shore credit card processors and they manage to survive longer, until the off-shore companies finally cut them off too. But this is a long process.

Our Advice… Avoid Problems by Avoiding Free Green Coffee Offers.


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Consumers looking for a high quality green coffee bean extract products at reasonable prices can always shop with confidence and security on this website.

To Buy or Get More Information…
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Perfect Green Coffee guarantees the following:
NO automatic shipments and NO automatic billing.
You only get products when you specifically place an order.
No phony free offers, free samples or free trials.
No soliciting by email. No spam!
Perfect Green Coffee does not save your credit card number, unless you request it be saved.
Real customer service. If you have an issue to discuss someone will get on the phone with you.
Privacy Policy is strictly enforced. Your name is never sold to outside parties.
Secure payment processor for all online transactions.

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  1. I’m going through this right now…so far I’ve been charged almost $300 dollars and I just did my 3 claim. I recieved a “sample” didn’t even try it, thought I would have to order it again if I wanted it, however I was charged. When I went back to the website it had changed, I tried calling the number and it was busy. There’s no information provided in order for them to stop so I’m going through my bank. It’s frustrating and very VERY dishearting. Listen to this article and DON’T ORDER!!!

    • So sorry you are going through this. Free bottle offers are almost always complete scams.

      • Monika Kapetanovic says:

        I am going through the same thing I had been charged my $7 for the trial product for two similar products but it has been a month and not recieved my products, no one replies to my emails or calls and I have now been charged $99 dollars for both products but never received no products I have no way to contact the supplier. I do not know what to do about this I have been scammed out of my money.

    • I am going through the same thing and I am trying to cancel it before I get charged again but I tried every number they gave me with the products and it says that the telephone number is not a working number. What do I do?

  2. I think i have just became a target of the dr scams. I prefer and paid for the first bottle as i thought i might try it first. Around 2 weeks later, which is today, they sent me an email stating that my new order has been despatched. I was shocked, this is crazy! Since when did i purchased it again? I hadn’t even evaluated the effects of my first purchase. The brand is greencoffeedose(dot)com. I have sent emails to warn them that I would not hesitate to report them if i felt that i am now a target of scam.

    • So sorry to hear you got involved with a disreputable scam merchant. You should contact your credit card company, or bank, and let them know what’s going on so you don’t get billed again. You can even dispute the charge with your credit card issuer as an unauthorized transaction. The other thing to remember is that merchants that engage in these type sleazy business practices will most likely NOT provide an authentic, legitimate product. Good luck!

  3. Geraldine Foster says:

    I had a ‘free trial’ at beginning of October and charged £4.99 for p/p and on 25th October they took out £59.99 from my bank account!!!!!!!! I had not ordered anything or signed up for any more, they will not answer my emails either. SCAM!!!!

    • Peter Brannigan says:

      VERY IMPORTANT: Report this to http://www.actionfraud.police.uk . They will already have received complaints from other victims of this company so the more complaints they receive, the more likely they can act.
      You will have read other information above about how credit card companies are taking action against this and other companies. ‘Sometimes the credit card processing companies shut these companies down first by revoking the company’s credit card payment processing privileges. This occurs when victims dispute their credit card charges with their credit card issuing banks. When the merchants start receiving excessive charge-backs, the processing companies often revoke their card processing accounts.
      As a fellow victim I wish you success in recovering some, if not all, of your ‘stolen’ money

  4. Hi al I ordered green coffee bean extract on line buy 3 bottles get 3 free I paid the money 73 dollars and was scammed still waiting for goods contacted the support team to no avail
    Just to let people know be carefull

  5. yeah same here. i did a 1 month trial for 5 bucks and they ended up charging me an extra $140 after three weeks. i cant get in contact with them and the bank says it was my fault and they couldnt do anything.

  6. This has happened to me with two products. I called the number when the charge was made and the recording said that by pressing “1” I was opting out. I pressed “1” so who knows. The other has a number I’ll call in the morning. But where can we report this in the US. I’m thinking of canceling the cc just to be safe. It’s a paypal card and paypal is usually very good about doing something about this stuff. But I’d like to report both companies.

  7. I fell for the same scam and they have taken $83.00 a month for the last three months from my checking account. There should be not be allowed to do this and should be prosecuted.

  8. Yep! Happened to me too. When I noticed on my credit card bill they were charging me £69.95 a month after my “free” sample, I was fuming! Tryed to get hold of them but email was invalid and phone line was dead. They make it impossible for you to cancel the subscription that you didn’t even want in the first place.
    I’ve had to ring my credit card company and cancel all payments to them and there even working on getting the money back after I explained to my credit card company what happend.
    It’s a lot of hassle I don’t need with the paper work and all.
    Never again.
    If only I could get my hands on these robbing bastards.

  9. Marina M. says:

    Charged my bank account without my authorization !
    All you that have been dealing with the same problem!
    Let’s think of a way and sue them !
    What’s your thoughts?

  10. Brad Deland says:

    I got charged also from greencoffee when I saw a pending charge on my account I called my bank immediately. Unfortunately I had to cancel the card that they have . They are getting my money but I’m not going down without a fight. I will be going to my bank tomorrow and dispute this bogus charge. These people need to be put under the jail.

    • Brad, Good luck to you. People need to understand that most all free trials or free bottle offers are scams.

  11. You need to be firm with these people. I called them up via the phone # on my online billing statement. I got both billings refunded, because I told them that if they refused to refund they were simply going to have to deal with my credit union. Be persistent don’t let them tell you that you agreed to the terms. I told them that the terms were hidden, which they are. They’ll argue with you, but simply tell them you’ll let the bank handle it. They do not want the bank involved.

  12. Derrick Whitten says:

    I wonder what Dr oz has to say about this! He’s promoting this product
    Like it’s the best thing ever. Yeah I’m sure it works however does
    He know the free trial offer is a scam. I too am being charged.
    Hopefully my credit card company and protect me.

  13. Was scammed by the website healthandfitnessguide DOT co ! Am an exchange student in American from New Zealand and they took all the money i had in my account :( am now broke and freaking out!

  14. concern citi says:

    beware to green coffee bean extract abd supra cleanse 350 the said free trial, they are not actually free. .it is a scam. must stop them.

    • claire says:

      I ordered this a week ago what will happen and how can I stop it if this is a scam?

    • I am so upset. I ordered the green coffee pure clease with the garcinda Cambodia under the free trial offer but within 2 weeks I was charged usdS167.50. I tried calling but the phone number that I received from the bank is invalid. I paid 4.95 for each bottle. I CANNOT OFFORD TO PAY THESE CON ARTIST FOR THEIR TRICKS. What can I do to stop them from taking my money.? there should be a class action suit. people should beware of the game these con artists are playing. They are getting rich off of us and they should be locked up for deceptive practice and theft. Give me a real address and phone number and I will try my best to do damage to their career.

  15. suzananh bolton says:

    I placed an order ONLY for a trial which should have cost £7.00 in total !! I haven’t even used it. However yesterday I DISCOVER THEY HAVE TAKEN £375 FROM MY BANK!!!!! I am livid and cannot speak to anyone at Supracleanse and they have not responded to my emails. Its a disgrace who the hell are these people ripping people off!!!” I have not received ANY products from them and I am nearly £400 out of pocket of my hard earned money and now very skint!!! DO NOT ORDER ANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Natasha says:

    Please do your research first. Dr.Oz specificly states on his show that never fall to these scams.

  17. Rebecca Tarplee says:

    Hi ive also have been a victum of GC Extracr green coffee capsules i signed up for a 30day free trial of the product only gave concent for delivery charge, i recieved the product two week later and havent even opened it, a week later the took £89.99 out of my account and have kept doing it for the last 3weeks, altogether they’ve taken £360 out of my account, ive tryed getting intouch but there no number and the email they provide isnt a real email adress, to prevent this from happening again ive sent the product back with a letter telling them to stop sending me this product and charging me for a product im not even recieving, and too make sure it doesnt happen again ive cancelled my card details, if you get intouch with your bank they will do a dispute and try and get your money back the actions ive took as been the only way to prevent it from happening again, if you cancel your bank card they will no longer be able to take money from your account.

  18. Dave McConnell says:

    Apparently these companies are not satisfied with just getting gullible people to submit orders for “free” product using their personal credit card information. Now they are resorting to using a collection agency to send out claims that they represent the company producing and distributing the Green Coffee Bean Max product which I was supposed to have ordered. I was supposed to have signed up for a subscription service to receive their so called product, only was I never received anything from this company.

    The only emails I can find say something about me paying for a subscription service, and they were correct, of course what they neglect to include in the collection agency’s threatening letter are the subsequent emails from do.not.reply (at) websupportcenter.com informing me that yes I was owed the refund and it would be crediting to my credit card account. It was credited after I complained of their tactics. And apparently the only reason this nonsense stopped was because there was fraudulent activity and the bank replaced the card. Once they lost my valid account number they waited a while and followed up 5 months later with a letter from a collection agency (I have absolutely no doubt this so called agency is owned by the same sleazy people running the subscription company). I sometimes wonder why it is that we don’t have better protection for the consumer and then I remember that the large international corporations have influenced our nation’s elected officials to always look out for the corporation in all matters regarding transactional disputes.

    I do believe there was a time when this fine nation had an elected legislature that contained a majority of people who really cared about taking care of their constituents regardless of the consequences to their political careers. But, then that was also before politician became a career choice with a multitude of disciplines ascribed to said career path at our universities.

    I plan to come back and provide feedback on the final outcome of this new dispute with the collection agency. To all those good hard working people who fall prey to these low life scum sucking greedy parasites I say it is time to take a long hard look at who you are voting into office. FIND OUT WHO SUPPORTS THEM FINANCIALLY then and only then can you make an informed choice!

  19. they did the same to me. they charged me $400 for a free trial and they wont give me my money back. spread the word!!

  20. I’m a victim too.. I was billed over USD 600 just within 1-2 mths. I had informed my bank to handle the dispute. Which they informed me that they would require up to 3 mths to settle the dispute. How likely would I get the refund? I also noticed that the company has been using many different merchant names found under my credit card bills? Wondering how does the bank managed and verify such dispute.

  21. Maria Olsen says:

    Hi, I´ve ordered the Green Coffee and Cleanse today from theperfectnutritionstore(dot)com
    After reading around on the net, I understand that it was a mistake. Just hours after the order, I sent them a email where I wanted to cancel the order, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Someone else who has order from this website?

    • Yes, so did I! I realized after a week it was a scam (had a nagging feeling all along), so now I feel pretty stupid. Called in and reached a woman called “Sam” – the same that always answers the phone – and cancelled further shippings of the products. The only thing now is that they want me to send the free trial-products back – if not I’ll be charged even more for keeping them. I’ve closed down my credit card, but I’m still unsure what to do next. Should I ship the products back, to avoid receiving fees from this scamming company, or should I ignore them?

  22. Christina says:

    I ordered the Columbian Green Coffee for a $5 shipping and I got it when they said it would arrive. But when i went shopping my card was declined so I checked my statement on my phone and saw that they charged me 85$ so when I got home I got the envelope that it came in and call the number that was on it and it did go through and it did say further payments have been cancelled but it didnt say if i would be refunded back my money or not
    NEVER going to do this again
    SHOULD have looked about it up first
    Learned my lesson to look things up before agreeing

  23. I sent away for my free trail all I had to pay for was the postage that was on the 4 August for $7.16 and the other bottle was $9.58 that was ok I received the products and then on the 28August $103.67 got taken out of the bank for the Garcina and then on the 29 August $96.31 got taken out for the coffee bean there was a phone no to phone them I talked to a lady in the philipenens and she told me that she could’nt bring my details up and to email them have now canceled bank card and the phone number is no disconnected that I phoned them on so now have been had a good one.

    • The bottom line is…Do NOT do free trials or free offers. They are mostly scams. Thanks for writing to alert others!

  24. Kallen Pham says:

    seriously are there any way to cancel this fraud? i just ordered their trial produce 30mins ago and then i found this! what can i do to cancel it now please help!

  25. I also had the same thing happen. I ordered the “Free Trial Offer” and have been charged over $160.00 in product that I have found DOES NOT WORK. When I called to cancel they tried to get me to order more. DO NOT BUY.

  26. Same here, didn’t receive my free sample and was charged twice 4.95 and today $100.34

  27. Stephanie says:

    So after I order the trim garcinia the offer for green coffee comes up because it’s supposed to work better so I say why not give it a try!!?? After 14 days I was charged $79.00 EACH!!! I was able to cancel the trim garcinia but I realized the green coffee didn’t send me an email confirmation so I had no contact info (they say you have to cancel them seperately because they’re different companies even though they were on the same site). I went to my bank account and this is the charge and only contact info I can find DBLGCOF*DOUBLEC xxx-xxx6792 CA. The website isn’t there anymore. I have already been charged for 2 months for the green coffee. I am still working on getting it cancelled.

  28. I payed “shipping” costs for both simply garcinia and green coffee bean.. Cancelled is straight away and 4 months later I am now down $600 I am ready to go insane…. Please please help me

  29. I am also a victim of this scam. My last interaction was getting a return merchandise number. I sent it back and haven’t had any money refunded! The number on the website does not work. Has anyone had any luck? Or know of a class action suit against these companies?

  30. After recently moving, and settling into a new job I hadn’t been paying attention to my credit card bill for the last few months. Tonight, I find out that both Simply Green Coffee Bean – #800-635-5589 in Savannah, GA and Garcinia Cambogia #877-820-7115 out of Salt Lake City, UT have both been charging me EVERY month! The total amount that they’ve stolen from me is: $627.51! Not to mention the interest that has been added to that.

    What ever you do….DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT go for this! It’s an absolute scam!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. DIDO! SCAMMMMMMM. They stole total of $180.00 from my account. They will cancel future orders and billings but you are screwed when it comes to the amount they have all ready ripped off. Somewhere in the terms and conditions (must be at the end of it all) cuz I got tired of reading it and saw nothing about this. So they on purpose hide the fact that you are into auto bill, ship after 13 day trial period! No where on the information page, ad or form does it say 13 day trial, must cancel or be charged. BEWARE!

  32. Hi
    i did ordered to get 2 packet free testing, but the company did charge me about 130$. i did contact my bank and asked them to do someting but after 1 mount i did get a note from my bank about i did accept the charge and they can not help meg. in the web site i did just accep to pay posting fee but the paiper from bank show me i did accept to pay 130$. i did never never accept to pay 130$ to 2 packet. any way i did call the company without any answer and at last i did contact my bank and told them i did lost my credit card. in this way the cannt have more money from my bank account. you can do it too.
    have a nice time.

  33. I ordered a free trial. One month later I went to use my credit card and it didn’t work. Apparently the “free trial” was only free for 14 days. If you didn’t send it back and cancel after 14 days then you were charged the full amount. In less than a month my credit card was charged $350!! I tried to call and cancel but “oddly” there was zero contact info on the shipment packaging. I called my credit card company and they said there probably wasn’t much that they could do as these companies are very good at scamming people. Fortunately they gave me the companies contact info though and I called and cancelled. Of course they wouldn’t refund my money. The customer “service” person freaked out when I responded to their refusal to refund my money by saying that their company was scamming people. She said over and over that they weren’t scamming people. That the information was “explained to me very clearly when I signed up for the free trial”. Then she started LITERALLY yelling at me that this was all my fault. I was trying to talk and she kept yelling over everything that I was trying to say. “”THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!” Wow. Yes, it is my fault for being tricked by con artists. Yes it is. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Twice won’t happen.

  34. BEWARE!!
    I had to call 4 times and speak with 4 different customer sales reps. Long story short, if you threaten to get your bank after them they WILL refund your money 100% . I could never work for a company like this. What a nightmare

  35. I too took the freebie for the green coffee and the Garcinia cambogia and was only suppose to pay shipping but know have had $215 taken out of my account and do not know how to get in contact with them to stop this happening again, so I have had to close my account which pisses me off something terrible that I was so stupid…..NEVER AGAIN……

  36. Hi every one just letting you know I got through to America on 1800-635-5589 it took a while but finally got to actually talk to some one and close my account with them ( I hope ) they said in 3-5 working days I will have my money back in my account,We are waiting with baited breath…..I will update sometime next week and let you know what happens xoxo WISH ME LUCK……..

  37. Jane Griffo says:

    I have been charged for $77.00 and I don’t remember bought this. I bought another product and this came along with it. Maybe something hidden I didn’t see.

  38. Lyynn Brubaker says:

    Here I go again. I’ve been waiting for the samples I asked for in February, They never arrived. But now I’m being charged 126.22. It says I have 15 days to order after I receive the samples, but nothing arrived.

  39. Pee'd Off says:

    I am so upset about this. I ordered the free bottle with $5 for shipping and handling. Then a month later noticed a debit of $84.44. I called they said i had 30 days to try it… I never received it!!!! They wont give me a full refund, only 25% and a $100 voucher to walmart which i haven’t received either. Ugh so frustrated.

    • I understand. We have been trying to warn people for many years that so-called “free offers” are scams.

    • I ordered green bean coffee and gar. cambrogia on may 11,2015. I wish I would of read this page before I ordered. Since, I have tried to get a hold of them, to no avail. I am going to my bank first thing mon morn to cancel my account. thanks everyone for getting it out there.

  40. I have been scammed $1600 from my bank account from this scam. I never even ordered it or have never been on a supplement sites ever I don’t take them!!! I just got my bank account checked and realised they had been taking out up to $120 a few times a month since October! PLEASE BE CAREFUL ONLINE!

  41. i also fell victim to this disgusting scam! I ordered the free trial (just pay shipping & handling) Pro Garcinia & Pure Green Coffee Bean. Since March, these scumbags have ROBBED my bank account in the amount of $909.79!!
    I called them got nowhere- argued with a guy who I could barely understand! I said “Put your manager on!!” He said she wasn’t there…after I mentioned that my bank was launching an investigation- he suddenly says the she is there, and puts me on hold for what seemed like forever! This woman finally came on, and again- I was demanding a full refund…she said I “Didn’t read the fine print” …$909.79???!!! It’s not a cure for freaking cancer! I’ve written the BBB, and if I don’t get a FULL refund very soon, I am going to the Media, Police, & a Lawyer! I work very hard for my money, I have a very painful disability, and I cannot afford this loss…these scum bags need to be stopped!!

  42. I got a free product, and the last 2 months charged from me 87.27 dollars. WTF? I don’t understand what happened. But I got just 1 product, and not more. So If somebody take my money, please give me something for it. I’m mad, and angry, because it’s not fair. I worked hard for this money, and somebody else, just take out from my poket for the big nothing. -.-‘ God see you, guys. Amen

  43. I just called 888-559-1681 (the number that showed on my credit card statement) for the 3rd time. I have received a cancellation confirmation number and hope that this nightmare is finally over. Try that number everybody and good luck.

  44. I am a victim of this scam. I agreed to pay for shipping and handling for a “FREE” two week supply for $4.95. On Christmas day I received an email at 2am stating they charged me $89.95. I sent a reply the next day and then received a phone call from their customer service telling me that I agreed to this. I told that I had no prior knowledge that this transaction would take place, there was no paper work with the pills explaining how to cancel or I would be charged, no email either because they obviously could send me an email after charging me for something I didn’t order. She just kept saying there was nothing she could do and they would NOT refund my money. I am a single parent and cannot afford to throw money away and am ashamed that I allowed myself to be scammed by this company. I hope this website and postings prevents others from becoming victim to this disgusting scam.

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