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Conflicting News on the Health Benefits of Tea?

For many years, we have heard again and again that the health benefits of tea, green tea and other teas, were substantial. However, recent news from Scotland is raising some eyebrows and may warrant a bit of a rethink. New research indicates that men who are heavy tea drinkers may be more likely to develop prostate cancer. Researchers from Glasgow University followed the health of more than 6,000 male volunteers over a period of 37 years. They determined that men who … [Read more...]

Is Coffee Healthy?

There have been conflicting reports over the past few years as to whether drinking coffee is healthy or unhealthy. Here is an overview of recent news on the subject. The possible increased risk of high blood pressure and heart trouble has been feared as a potential negative side effect of coffee consumption. And there have been studies that indicate a connection between caffeine and higher bold pressure. However, these studies were done with soft drinks containing … [Read more...]

Medical Testing – Are We Doing Too Many Tests?

In 2012, the recommendation for men to get an annual PSA test (prostate specific antigen blood test) to screen for possible prostate cancer was reversed by the United Sates Preventive Services Task Force. Other recommendations for annual tests such as annual EKG tests, yearly pap smears, etc. have come under fire as well. The idea and evidence is that these tests either don’t help much with health outcomes and in many cases lead to false positive test results … [Read more...]