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Buy African Mango

From Perfect Supplements comes:

Perfect African Mango

#1 African Mango for Best Results
100% Pure IGOB131
IGOB131 is the ONLY African mango extract proven & tested for weight loss
Lab-Tested by a Certified Testing Lab
Can be used in combination with ‘Perfect Green Coffee’
Made in the USA
100% Money Back Guarantee
Manufactured under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Great Value Sale = Buy 3 Bottles & Save 25%
BEST VALUE SALE = BUY 6 Bottles & SAVE 30%

Since the weight loss study results were achieved over 10 weeks it is recommended to use this product for at least the same time period, so ordering 3 bottles is recommended. (Order any combination of “Perfect Supplement” products to get the savings such as Perfect Green Coffee, Perfect Acai, Perfect ResGrape, or other Perfect brand products)

To Order Online
Click on the Image Below

Perfect African Mango
Perfect African Mango

To Order By Phone Call 1-732-249-9008
10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Mon – Fri Eastern US – (GMT -5)

100% Pure

For best results, use this product for at least 10 weeks.
Each bottle contains 60 capsules (a 1 month supply)
Dosage = 2 per day
Each capsule contains 150 mg of pure African Mango Extract (IGOB131)
Buy 3 bottles and SAVE 25%
That’s a 12 week supply.

This takes you directly to the order page. The billing and shipping for Perfect African Mango is done by the manufacturing parent company Perfect Supplements, LLC. Your credit card statement will show the charge coming from "Perfect Supplements, LLC".

Remember… Perfect African Mango does NOT auto-ship products.
You only get products when you place an order.

For your additional security, Perfect African Mango does not save credit card numbers unless you request the number be saved for easier future ordering.

Here is the ‘Perfect African Mango’ ingredients label…

Perfect African Mango Product Ingredients Label

NO fillers – NO flowing agents – NO magnesium stearate – NO silica or rice…
NO pesticides – No gluten… PLUS… it’s wild harvested, fair traded & vegan friendly.
Just 100% Pure Patented IGOB131 (African Mango Seed Extract)

Get Quantity Discounts Now on ALL Perfect Supplements products!
Save 25% to 35% by ordering 3 bottles or more

Save 25% to 35% by ordering 3 bottles of Perfect Supplements or more

Free shipping on domestic orders over $99

» Click here to order Perfect African Mango.

No automatic shipments and NO automatic billing
No bogus free offers,
No tricky memberships or subscriptions
Nothing to cancel, ever!
Order online here with confidence and security!

Quality Guaranteed

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  1. Reine Amatama says:

    i’m living in Cameroon and i need to buy AFRICA MANGO.where can i find that please?

  2. Can you buy this product in Australia and does it really work because I have used Garcinia and it did not work.


    • Hi Elsa,
      Yes, the products offered on HealthFoodPost ship to Australia. They are sold online only and not in stores. Just go to the appropriate “Buy” page on this website and then click on the blue “Buy Now” button.

      We’re not surprised that garcinia cambogia did not work. The only two nutritional supplement products that have actual scientific evidence in the form of human studies to support help with weight loss are green coffee bean extract and African mango.

      You may find this article interesting http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/green-coffee-vs-garcinia-cambo/sbwire-253561.htm

      There is legitimate science supporting green coffee bean extract and African mango, especially the green coffee. But that is not the case with garcinia cambogia. You may want to consider the Perfect Supplements “Slim Down Trio” offered here on HealthFoodPost.com

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