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African Mango From Patented IGOB131 Is Authentic


African Mango With IGOB131 is the Only African Mango Extract Tested on Humans.

African mango is the first all-natural substance that has real weight loss properties

Unless an African Mango product contains the patented extract called IGOB131 it is not the real thing and is not the extract that everyone was talking about. That’s because the small clinical trial (a pilot study on a small amount of people in Africa) that tested African mango extract on real people, used the patented extract IGOB131.

The Nutritional Properties of African Mango are from an Extract from the Pit, Not the Fruit.

The African mango fruit has an edible fruit but the nutritional properties that made the news are found in the seed, or pit, which is called the Dika nut. The nuts are sun-dried and then made available whole or in powder form. Dika nuts are edible. They are oily and can be eaten like regular nuts but they are not available outside of Africa.

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Positive African Mango Side Effects

The one clinical study that was done on people tested an African mango seed extract or a placebo (inactive sugar pill). That small study generated a lot of publicity but was a small test that was not peer-reviewed. So, consumers should be cautious about deriving any conclusions from such a small study. That said, a popular celebrity TV host in the United States recommended African mango extract supplements to be used as part of a fitness regime. More information about this can be found by clicking on the label above which will take you to the manufacturers website (Perfect Supplements) where you can get more detailed information, as well as product prices. That’s where you can place an order also. You can also order by phone through HealthFoodPost.com. Just go to the Contact Page on this website for the phone number.

The African mango fruit has an edible fruit but the fat burning potential is found in the seed, or pit, which is called the Dika nut

Negative Side Effects

Some participants in the small study referenced above indicated negative side effects but… these reports indicated similar side effects reported by those in the group taking the African mango extract and those in the group taking the placebo pills. So, the reported side effects among both groups were mostly the same, and included excess gas, sleep problems and headaches.

African Mango is also called Irvingia or Irvingia Gabonensis


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  1. I saw an African Mango product (NOT the one on this site) on one of Dr.Oz’s web site. I ordered this product and paid shipping of $4.95 and when I received the product they charged me $89.99. no where on the order page did it say that I would need to cancel by a certain time, so when I saw the charge appear on my card I was way surprised. I called to cancel and they told me I couldn’t cancel and that they would not refund my money. asked to talk to a supervisor and was told they were in a meeting. customer rep asked if I had product left which I did, she gave me the address to send product back and then would be refunded. 2weeks later I had to call them back and see if they received it. Of course they said they didn’t. I faxed them a copy of the receipt and again was told they will contact me in 24-48hrs. 2weeks I had to call them back. during all this I had to have my bank open a dispute for the amount. like most of you money is very slim for me. they now tell me I need to lift the dispute in order to get refunded. on Jan 9th 2013 the dispute was lifted. I called them back and informed them it had been lifted. and here it is now 02/19/2013 and still trying to get my money back, supervisors are always in a “meeting” and im told I will get a call back. they don’t call back.

    • We are disgusted by these type stories, and appreciate your anger!

      These “AUTOMATIC BILLING SCAMS” scams are almost always part of what we call “FREE OFFER SCAMS”. We have tried to warn consumers about these scams for years, both on our websites and through press releases. For instance, see this page right here on this website:
      Click here:

      That page pretty much tells the story of how these ugly rip-offs work.
      But understand this…African Mango is a fruit. (African Mango supplements come from the seed of this fruit.) The fruit, or the supplements from the fruit, are not scams. What IS a scam, however, is the sleazy way a bunch of unscrupulous crooks trick people into inadvertently signing up for these auto-ship programs. We saw this before back in 2008/2009 with acai berry products. So, products aren’t scams. But usually free offers are!

      Remember, nothing is really free …so we hope consumers become much more careful and stop falling for these bogus free offers.

      Rest assured, HealthFoodPost.com has NEVER has participated in any free offers, or automatic-shipping, or automatic billing. Never has, never will. We feel your pain, but we are one of the good guys!

      Good luck getting the problem fixed.

    • I ran into the same problem, paid for the $4.95 trial offer and was charged $78.94 before I got my credit card bill. I also never saw or was told of any 14 day trial period. I also called and was offered 3 different plans after telling her I wanted out of their so called “membership” or scam as I would put it in plain words. Looks like just another rip off.

  2. Be careful with the so-called “Free-Trials” of products like African Mango Extract and Green Coffee Extract (GCBE), or any product. If you read the pages carefully you will see that they will charge your credit card X dollars PER MONTH after a trial period, usually 14 days. You are buying into a subscription plan with most of these free trials. Not to mention that their products are way overpriced. $50-$80 for a product you can get for $15 or $20 somewhere else online. If its allegedly “free” – read the fine print, it very likely is not.

    I do think products like African Mango and GCBE might work to stiumulate weight loss. But be careful and take small doses when you start off, to see how it affects you. GCBE for example, stiumulates your liver to burn fat, which is good for fat loss, but that could result in increased liver enzymes and itching. Alot of people report that problem, as well as gas, diarreaha, dizziness, headaches and sleep disorders .

  3. Please I will like to know if I can just eat the African mango seeds alone, since I am located in Africa and have access to the fruit. I will like to know also the type of African mango, in terms of its colour, size and shape. Thanks

    • No, you can’t just eat the seed, which also known as the Dika nut. Perfect African Mango contains a patented extract from the seed.
      And not just any extract, but a specific patented extract named IGOB 131. Perfect African Mango contains 100% IGOB131. You can order here. Perfect African Mango can be shipped to you in Africa.

  4. peace njoku says:

    My name is peace I am fat and I really want to lose weight how do I buy this supplements is it by buying both Africa mango, green coffee bean and raspberry please am mine to buy the three or just one please I need your help reply asap.

  5. I remember reaing an advert about a lady using green coffee seed in Kampala and she got results. Why is it not possible with the mango fruiets?

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