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Examining The Gluten-Free Diet Craze

Magazine articles, news programs, and everyday conversations all frequently feature one topic: going gluten-free. While medical conditions like celiac disease and gluten allergies have long necessitated a gluten-free lifestyle, electing to go gluten-free has recently become a widespread health phenomenon. What is the truth behind the hype? Is following a gluten-free diet really a healthier way to live? What should someone do if he or she believes he or she wants to … [Read more...]

Examining Essential Oils

Using essential oils for healing purposes is an age-old practice, but these ancient oils have recently seen a reemergence in many medicine cabinet appearances all over the country. Claiming to fix a wide variety of ailments, these oils are sold in major stores, websites, and even through home shows. How is the average consumer to know if these tiny jars of oil are miracles in a bottle or merely modern day snake oil? Our helpful guidelines will help savvy, … [Read more...]